Lashley Backs Down from Lesnar | WWE Raw Highlights 1/31/22 | WWE on USA

Lashley Backs Down from Lesnar | WWE Raw Highlights 1/31/22 | WWE on USA

Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley meet in the ring after their Royal Rumble bout, and plans are made for a rematch in the elimination chamber. WWE Raw Highlights 1/31/22. Watch WWE Raw, 2/7 & 2/14 shows on SYFY at 8/7c. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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46 Responses

  1. George Farmer says:

    Brock is having the time of his life. I still think the less talking he did the more intimidating he was. But I love seeing this side of him. He’s slowly bringing back the ruthless aggression era.

    • raymkkkk says:

      I get you want him to be like old akuma from SF. Some people liked when he didn’t talk, but not talking can only get you so far as a badass. Sometimes you have to change it up.

    • leungsz says:

      In a way it IS character development and we get to see another side of Brock. He is easily a draw and an unsurprising choice to win the Rumble.

    • HEMI 5.7 AWD PURSUIT says:

      It’s good that he talked if he was quiet it would made more nervously to get out the ring. Brock is more like professor Hulk with intelligent ring talk. Bobby is like Fantastic 4 The Thing

  2. 0errab0 says:

    It’s amazing that Lesnar has become an almost weekly attraction for the WWE now, I find myself looking forward to his interactions with the rest of the WWE Superstars. Lesnar has become an outstanding seller and he really brings the Beast Mode when he needs too. Brock has become everything that I’d hoped he be when he debuted for the WWE 20 years ago.

  3. Tyler Smith says:

    I know this is gonna sound oversimplified but what I really appreciate about Brock is that he just understands professional wrestling. He’s still the same badass, but makes just enough subtle character changes to really put himself over as a face. High-fiving the crowd, pumping up the city he’s in, even raising his hands in celebration after he was added to the chamber match instead of just acting like he deserved it. And the references to Bobby being held back by his manager, just brilliant

  4. Rex Lint says:

    Absolutely loving this version of Brock. He’s having a blast and crushing his own promos.

  5. Dante Deshaun says:

    Brock really can talk on the mic. All those years I thought they paired him with Heyman because Brock couldn’t talk. But after seeing this current Lesnar run, I love him on the mic. Loving this face Brock. He’s still a beast. He just smiles while he does it 💪🏼

  6. Bizzy Gamer says:

    *Brock been killing it with the promos and Im loving it…..this the best Brock hands down*

  7. Rum Ham says:

    Brock said more words in this promo than he said his entire run from 2012-2020

  8. Travelor says:

    It would be far more interesting to see these two go at in a mma match. While both had amazing runs, however, Lashley did have a better win/loss record.

    • Cypher12 98 says:

      @Kefkaroth Sephka facts

    • Randalus Wilson says:

      Brock is ufc. Bobby just made it too beletor and mma. Brocks the better fighter

    • Kefkaroth Sephka says:

      @unbroken1010 doesnt matter if it was a lesser mma promotion than ufc. mma is still a tough sport and check his wiki he was the shark fights heavyweight champ and xtreme fight night heavyweight champion in mma. lets not forget that lashley was trained by mma great josh barnett, so i believe lashley wouldve excelled well in ufc if he was given the shot.

    • Cypher12 98 says:

      @Sam Kletz actually you right I was trippin Brock got better striking ability had to rewatch some of the highlights

    • trublu849 says:

      @Cypher12 98 you are high af lmfao

  9. Michael Mendoza says:

    I love this version of Brock Lesnar. This is why he’s one of the best to ever do it.

  10. Slick Rick says:

    4:10 “Get that $5 suit off and let’s go Bruthaa” – Lesnar 🤣

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