Last-lap drama on the Indianapolis Road Course | NASCAR Cup Series Extended Highlights

Last-lap drama on the Indianapolis Road Course | NASCAR Cup Series Extended Highlights

Relive the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that saw several incidents late including Chase Briscoe and Denny Hamlin making contact in the closing laps costing Hamlin a win.
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36 Responses

  1. Brendan Smith says:

    It was a nice semi clean race, then with 10 to go… curb.

  2. Spectral Umbreon says:

    “Last-lap drama” doesn’t exactly cover it.

  3. Crayola Cup Series says:

    I’d argue this was more of a mess than COTA but still way more entertaining

  4. Diego Ospina says:

    Dinger is a class act boy. Dedicating the win to Robin Miller and Bob Jenkins

  5. Switchblade says:

    AJ sounds just like he did in 2014 when he won the Glen. So happy for him.

  6. Darren Blake says:

    I tell u kauling racing is a special team they deserve every successful race they win especially with a driver like aj he’s talented and a real class act this has to be a big upset of this season

  7. Scott Carman says:

    Sucked that NBC didn’t finish the race and switched to Golf.

  8. Rick Arra says:

    That was great to acknowledge Robin miller and Bob Jenkins

  9. COPO Camaro Route 66 says:

    Aj feels like he’s back in 2014 with his first win with JTG Daughtery

  10. Sara Grant says:

    THIS is exactly why I’ve always been a Dinger fan- so much passion for the sport, so much energy and a true team player. Nice to see him back in a winning situation!

    • Jimi Deez says:

      Remembering his 4 in – a – row indy wins. He’s always been pumped. love the Dinger. He’s got the Robbie Gordon gene…

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