Last Names

Last Names

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57 Responses

  1. Undertale Fan says:

    Me too I’m italien so ya sometimes teachers get my last name wrong

  2. FEA Animations says:

    You forgot to mention Polish names.
    (Brzęczyszczykiewicz) WTF!!!

  3. Donut Films says:

    I laughed so much during this video

  4. memes collector YT says:

    I’m Thai and my name is Nathan Thokeakeaw my people has a lot of porn in their name

  5. Marco Biancolli says:

    Oh hi Mark!

  6. Victoria Ng says:

    I always pronounce it “Ing” it’s such a struggle -_-

  7. tired everyday says:

    You actually pronounced Nguyen perfectly damn Dominique pongebib

  8. Dominique Escalante says:

    My name is Dominique

  9. Lokesh says:

    4:15 Logan Paul looks sooooooo cute,even you dom

  10. KV Pathak says:

    i dont get how you cant pronounce ‘panganiban’!!!!!!!

  11. Jigyasa Atreya says:

    Try pronouncing my last name…

  12. ayyee pril says:

    when you’re filipino and you read Dom’s last name straight away when he first said it and pronounces it correctly :))

  13. crimsonnin2 says:

    When I was in 4th grade I had a sub teacher who literally told me I was pronouncing my surname wrong and refused to say the correct pronouncation when I corrected her… Good times

  14. Nae Nae says:

    That moment when u think about
    Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin when he said KIM and PARK

  15. jordyn bird says:

    Someone in my art class has a weird name. Her name’s Elery. Yes, you pronounce it like Celery.

  16. Ivan Lee says:

    Isn’t your last name Comics?

    Dominic’s Comics

  17. Bianca Montierro says:

    I was laughing too much. Oh the joy of Filipino surnames. Honestly it happens here in the PH, too. 😂

  18. Evadaboss17 says:

    So my name is Eva. No, not pronounced like Ava, Eve, Evie or Erin. EEEEEEE VAAAAAAA.
    So always my surname is Duffy :3

    I swear about 91% of people always comment about the ‘Duff man’ in the simpsons.

  19. Kea Yandere says:

    Woah my last name is Flaviano-Reynolds and people say Fabio🤩

  20. Илья Марчевский says:

    ПАНАНИБАН – you surname is ULTRA easy in Russian language. You just cant make any mistakes in it, because we have all sounds that you need to pronounce it. For example, my surname will be Marchevskiy in English, but it sounds different, because there is no a letter for Й (fast and strong Y)

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