Last to Leave $90,000 Couch, Keeps It (ft. YouTubers)

Last to Leave $90,000 Couch, Keeps It (ft. YouTubers)

5 of the biggest YouTubers competed in a last to challenge to walk away with the famous $90,000 Logan Paul couch.. Things got CRAZY!!
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Corey/Capron (Funk Bros):
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Tanner Fox:
@Tanner Fox

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If you’re reading this that means you noticed I changed the last line of my description and I STILL LOVE YOU 🙂

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56 Responses

  1. FaZe Rug says:

    40,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS WERE IN THIS VIDEO. Who’s your favorite? 🙂

  2. RD__Exotic says:

    Faze Rug: Your favorite Youtuber might be in this video

    Me: I’m watching his 🔥 channel

  3. Armin kadkhodaei says:

    I like how it’s quarantine and Rug just invites people over with no masks

  4. Serenity SH says:

    Rug : “We live in California and we have strict rules for social distancing, so we are going to sit closely on a couch together”

    (I also create positive video

  5. Naser Berisha says:

    Everyone: leaves consecutivley
    Rug: I thought I knew the Mr Beast Way…

  6. lllzti says:

    Tanner just lowkey wanted to leave 😂😂

    Like come on who’s gonna snitch themselves in if they really wanted to win

  7. Thomas Farah says:

    First day of knowing about the virus: Each intro starts with: with whats going on around the world, hope you guys are all safe… and gives suggestions

    1st week: invites all the boys over

  8. Blaze_DKP 13 says:

    7:09 is the whitest thing I’ve ever heard🤣

  9. Bohdan Zhuravel says:

    Tanner the GoPro didn’t expose you, you exposed your self!🤦‍♂️

  10. YHTOMIT says:

    Challenge should have been “First to leave”. Those couches stink men 😂😂

  11. Clapthemch33ks says:

    Tell my why these people act like takin a shot of hot sauce is a “challenge” lmao

  12. Reem Salami says:

    brian: who knows, you might see your favorite YouTuber in this video
    me: I already see you brian💞

  13. Icy_Devoch says:

    Rug: everybody please stay home

    Also rug: has 8 people over 🤦‍♂️

  14. Junior Z says:

    I like how scared they were about the corona so let’s just inv 7 people

  15. Maris Guti says:

    Marko:: “Diss track coming soon”😂

  16. Bob Banana says:

    I’m going to edit this comment in 2 years

  17. Bella Keenan says:

    Rug: if ur fav YouTuber is here comment down below
    Me: ya the only person not in the challenge😂

  18. Officer K72 says:

    Within 6 feet of another person,

    Faze Rug: I’m good

  19. Jyselle Conway says:

    “I’m gonna keep climbin the stairs”
    *Does backflip before finishing climbing*…

  20. Sophia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PIC :* says:

    Rug: It sucks that we’re in quarantine.

    Also Rug: Invites seven people over.

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