Last To Leave Revolving Door Wins $50,000

Last To Leave Revolving Door Wins $50,000


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52 Responses

  1. MrBeast says:

    You want to watch to the end of this video… Trust me

  2. Monika Ferenčić says:

    Am actually crying???chandler fckn legend love him so much

  3. JM L says:

    Lol 8:09
    What will you do if you win 20 grands?

    Mr. Beast: I would give it away ??

  4. Jackachu Caesar says:

    Being one of MrBeast’s friends could literally be a profession

  5. Drive knight says:

    Chandler is basically Coby (dude perfect) in the MrBeast gang

  6. DONT LOOK says:

    Make this blue if you are subscribed to Mr beast

  7. I'm a good boy says:

    Should have put a motor in that guys could have produce a lot of electricity..

  8. JojoSiwashairline Yo says:

    This is how many times Morgz copied MrBeast

  9. Christian Smith says:

    All the people who made memes about him losing: “I knew he could do it all along.” ?????

  10. Kevin Zhang says:

    Mr:Beast: Everybody in the world gets a million dollars

    Chandler: *Goes into Space*

  11. Tamizon says:

    They didn’t need to spin the door because the earth is revolving atound the sun, therefore they could have stayed A LOT longer

  12. dig bick says:

    everyone watching this was probably more excited about chandler winning than he was

  13. Votex says:

    Am I dreaming?? Did Chandler just really win????? I can’t believe it…

  14. Thanos says:

    Should I Snap Morgz Family Out Of The Existence?

    Yes or No

  15. Valve Eclipse says:

    Finally, I can Rest In Peace knowing Chandler won a challenge?

  16. Noah R says:

    I guess you could say…

    *Chandler really turned this one around*

  17. Igelfrigel says:

    Sorry but whats the Name of the Song 10:43.
    And congrats to u chandler ma boi

  18. Cromiium Xuro says:

    Beast! you and the boys should sit down, and watch a good BUNCH of memes and vines made for you! they’re super fun and really make me smile. I’d love to see you do it, and I genuinely love everything you do. You’re truly the king.. of YouTube.

  19. craft booth says:

    mrbeast : what do you want to do with ur 20 grand?

    chandler : an *OSTRICH*

  20. alonedayys. says:

    *literally nobody*

    Mr. Beast: *”lets construct a revolving door and force people inside of it”*


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