Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000

Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000


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59 Responses

  1. DuckyTheGamer says:

    if chandler doesn’t win then there is no hope left for humanity

  2. Obnoxious Stoner says:

    Make this blue if you want Chandler to win !!

  3. Hummy's VR Comedy says:

    It was an honor and a pleasure Mr. Beast. Thank you for having us on your show!

  4. Xx_Rose_Fate_xX 69 says:

    do a challenge called GIVING CHANDLER THE BEST DAY OF HIS LiFE

    Every one spam this to me beast!!!

  5. MrBeast says:

    Subscribe or I’ll kick chandler

  6. 10,000 subscribers without any videos says:

    MrBeast: Be a human and win 50,000$

    Chandler: Turns in to a rabbit

  7. ali saljoughian says:

    MrBeast : Chandler you want to win this trust me

    Chandler: No , I don’t think i will
    P.S : Love you Chandler <3

  8. Pastel - Emo says:

    God damnit chandler…I just wanted you to win ONCE!!! ???
    (This actually made me cry)

  9. Pester says:

    Mr Beast: Name an Original Content Creator for $50k
    Chandler: *Morgz*

  10. Fran says:

    Put them all in VR Minecraft survival mode server and the last one standing wins!

  11. Infenalle says:

    MrBeast: When are you going to win a challenge

    Chandler: What’s a challenge?

  12. Doggo Nation says:

    MrBeast: if you breathe you win 10k
    Chandler: *chokes himself*

  13. AZX Aimzzy says:

    MrBeast:eat fruit and win £50,000
    Chandler:*eats a vegetable*

  14. Zushi Rsè says:

    MrBeast:Last to leave Minecraft wins $70,000
    Chandler:*plays Roblox*

  15. RaXge Neutraal says:

    Mr.Beast: First to walk wins
    Chandler: Becomes paralyzed

  16. Oliver Hawkins says:

    Mr Beast: Alright everyone, new challenge.

    Chandler: *Quits*

  17. Nooob says:

    What does PUBG stands for challenge

    Chandler : Fortnite

  18. Hyper Exists says:

    MrBeast: First to dab wins $50K
    Chandler: *flosses*

  19. Zavier Gamer says:

    Mr Beast: do whatever you want and you win $50k.
    Chandler:*does something he doesn’t want to do*

  20. Angel FuentesCruz says:

    Mr Beast: I’ll give you $50,000 to exist

    Chandler: *deletes ever single one of his atoms*

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