Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: 911 (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: 911 (HBO)

Emergency call centers are in desperate need of funding and new technology. Until we upgrade our 911 system, we should at least create more informative PSA’s.

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20 Responses

  1. crocked Fella says:


  2. Jared Golian says:

    7:57 Trump? is that you?

  3. Desiree Sun says:

    1 Like = 1 Day of good luck
    1 Comment = 2 Days of good luck
    1 Like On All My Videos = 9 Months of good luck

  4. elmeromike says:

    Hey guys… I thought you were going to address the fact that if an
    emergency response team comes to aid you, they charge you for the service
    and how people are now thinking twice before calling in even if they are in
    a death-threatning situation.

  5. Geoff Dearth says:

    I accidentally discovered that dialing 258 called 911 on my old Trac Fone.
    It so happened that my nephew’s next door neighbor worked at the 911 center
    and he recognized the address so they didn’t have to roll trucks.

  6. John H says:

    Thank zeus that in Finland we don’t have Americans designing our 112
    system. We designed and it’s world’s top3. Wow

  7. Tycho Thorpe says:

    The flames they’re licking my body!

  8. Reveille says:

    So what your saying is that 911 is not as reliable as we think? Therefore,
    we need to be able to defend ourselves with personal firearms.

  9. Marco Onyxheart says:

    Look at it from the bright side: the US does have a really big military.
    The US military sure isn’t understaffed!

  10. Matt Musky says:

    Where’s the problem?

  11. cottagechskitty says:

    The epic return of Janice from Accounting! 🙂 This is one of those “scary”
    LWT segments. 80% as an acceptable rate? I Knew that this has been an issue
    for a while. For a very long time, you couldn’t even call 911 with a cell

  12. Uthman Baksh says:

    I thought Janice from accounting was fired last season.

    I actually had to call 911, it was from a cell phone almost always. I had
    to repeat my address or exact location like 5 times before they understood
    me. And all this time I was under the assumption that they can use the GPS
    in my phone to determine my exact location. Also I life in the Rockaways,
    in Queens, in NYC. When I called the last time I got the Nassau county 911
    and then they had to transfer me to NYC. That is totally unnecessary and
    thank god it didn’t put me in a life or death situation.

  13. mOnK27640 says:


  14. Dave Whitford says:

    fuckin Janice…

  15. MrSafetymeeting says:

    So,it’s the same as it was since the beginning of the 911 system. Learn
    your address stupid. My phone has no idea where I am and I’m ok with that.

  16. AH Akram says:


  17. Kevin John says:

    So 911 centers are underfunded and people keep butt dialing 911? Sounds
    like the solution is to pass a bill where 911 centers can fine you,
    something small like $5, for an accidental dial. They fine the carriers,
    and the carriers fine the callers. That should either raise $40,000,000
    dollars for 911 centers, eliminate accidental dialing, or land somewhere in
    the middle of those two.

  18. Jean Michel says:

    I only watch this show to be thankful I live in canada

  19. johnomaz says:

    Cell phone 911. do people know how GPS works? If you aren’t outside, you
    are gonna get a shit GPS location. Thats how it works.

  20. pnrex says:

    the dispatcher couldnt have sent even one cop to check the address that she
    was screaming?