Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Back To School (Web Exclusive)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Back To School (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver gives students a crash course in everything they will learn — or not learn — in school this year.

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20 Responses

  1. Khalil Abdulnour says:

    Please do a segment on college book prices.

  2. Kurt Kytonen says:

    I cant comprehend cause i’m drinkin.

  3. Namat Bahrami says:

    why are the other videos only restricted to American viewers only
    i can’t watch them here in Australia :(

  4. Chris Patry says:

    He could have made an easily made joke about Economy class. But he didn’t
    supply my demand….

  5. aullik says:

    +Brian Wolfe
    im german, do i look like i care about some president of yours that died
    before i was even born?

  6. Rose Karnwiwat says:

    Fucking true. Lol

  7. WarmWeatherGuy says:

    I’m trying to buy a used car. The salesperson says I can have it for
    $1,700. I offered $1,700 after the 5% sales tax. He then wanted to know
    that amount but was unable to calculate it. He felt like a fool for being
    unable to solve this simple problem that involves algebra.

  8. Josh White says:

    I am just here for the publicity

  9. musketman12 says:

    My last chemistry teacher was awesome, he blew shit up. I have him again
    this year, probably going to blow more shit up.

  10. Singady l says:

    All hail our lady of perpetual exemption!

  11. Max Mustermann says:

    “…that these men were basically genocidal lunatics.”
    What do you mean WERE?

  12. Joe Kerr says:

    I had to do a essay on a president, and my teacher is pretty cool, so I
    chose Warren G. Harding. I warned them about it before hand and read parts
    of the letters out loud. The girls were disgusted but the guys were
    laughing their asses off. Praise be, John Oliver

  13. Chupick Nicolas says:

    Math is really useful in University if you’re doing a Bachelor of Science,
    otherwise…maybe not. You can say the same thing about Chemistry, Physics
    and Biology…as they’re even more limited in their usefulness. Basically,
    the school is telling everyone to get a Bachelor of Science.

  14. theblackhedgehog48 says:

    In Hamlet, Hamlet, and literally everyone else in the play dies except for

  15. Дмитрий Веселов says:

    I am a guy who didn’t studied math at school and now I need calculus for my

  16. Not A Pedophile says:

    back to school day is my favorite time of the year

  17. saadboy si says:

    I want more John! More!

  18. musicwarrior says:

    Lord of the Rings: Gandalf the Gray dies but comes back later as Gandalf
    the White, Boromir dies which makes his father crazy, Faramir almost dies
    trying to take back Osgiliath but survives, Denethor tries to burn himself
    and Faramir alive but fails in the latter and just kills himself, Theoden
    dies in the Battle of Gondor, Aowyn kills the Witch-king allowing the
    Eagles to come in later and kill more things, Frodo’s finger dies when
    Gollum bites it off to get the Ring, Gollum dies along with the Ring while
    frolicking in a volcano, the destruction of the Rings kills Sauron, Grima
    kills Sarumon and is subsequently killed by archers, a bunch of people and
    orcs die along the way, some ghosts go to the afterlife after serving
    Aragorn, and Frodo and Bilbo head west with the Elves to eventually die.
    Oh, and Samwise becomes a badass, saving Frodo several times and being just
    awesome during the Scouring of the Shire.

  19. BabyBella says:

    I like to invite you to have a look at my channel:) I make nice videos and
    I’m a baby. <3

  20. chanceofastorm says:

    This guy is amazing!!