Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Border Wall (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Border Wall (HBO)

Donald Drumpf wants to build a wall on the U.S-Mexico border. Is his plan feasible?

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20 Responses

  1. Bryan White says:

    build a wall then u put sensors on the border to track if anyone is
    building a tunnel it’s not rocket science only liberal idiot would think
    Oliver destoryed Trump alot of the shit he said was debunked also u can
    force Mexico to pay for the wall via trade tariffs

  2. Private Account says:

    Nobody takes political advice from goofy third rate comedians. John
    Oliver just destroyed what little credibility he never had in the first

  3. jmac46951 says:

    Trump supporters are simply delusional.

  4. TheRagingRooster says:

    The waffle iron just became the most successful product in America xD

  5. Newkidblo says:

    being a horny scandinavian I I didn’t get the joke at 1:04… dental dam??
    someone please enlighten me..

  6. flipingboredcritic says:

    Lol that kid looks so dead inside xD

  7. sbhg26 says:

    In Mexico we laugh of the president Peña Nieto every day. VOTE TRUMP, is
    time for a different CLOWN..

  8. finux Leong says:

    He just a loaded brainless racist bastard! please dont let him become the

  9. maxsmodels says:

    Love or hate Ollie (both in my case) this time he makes a cogent argument
    (until about the 15:00 point). The wall is a political tool, not a security
    one. As a practical matter it would be an overpriced symbol.

  10. Anh Triệu says:

    I don’t like waffle. Can I get $74 worth of bacon, please?

  11. muffinluveruuu says:

    Unarmed night-seeing quadcopter drones to spot illegals and let border
    agents know where to intercept.

  12. fυииу “κms βrβ” ναℓєитιиє says:

    America, listen to your people, please. We want to laugh at you!

  13. Archus88 says:

    Are John Oliver’s hands actually bigger than Donald Trump’s hands? He’s
    made so many jokes on Trump’s fingers/hands I’d really like to know about
    his own

  14. Denkelnk says:

    There’s already a fence, why not put a nicer wall there?

  15. Soulzune :3™ says:


  16. The Motley Stew says:

    John Oliver is quickly becoming our most important import. Second only to
    videos of native Pandas sneezing.

  17. RagDollRat says:

    but guess what? Capitalism is BASED on spending money, its not like
    building a wall just burns money NO said money goes to MANY workers and
    companies who then intern spend that money

  18. LiquidAurum says:

    That kid at 3:00 sounded miserable

  19. Marius The Moderate says:

    Sucks this show isn’t funny anymore. Taking such overt political sides and
    then hammering it over and over just saps the funny out of everything.

  20. Arc Jewington says:

    Fuck British people & Europeans all together.

    Anyways, It’d be nice of Jon Stewart was narrating this instead because
    John Oliver is so fucking obnoxious.