Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Brexit Update (HBO)

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Brexit Update (HBO)

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, and it looks like it may not be an especially smooth transition.

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19 Responses

  1. Alaric Balthi says:

    “The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, and it looks like it
    may not be an especially smooth transition.”
    yeah, no shit sherlock. major obstacle against that “smooth” transition is
    those who do not agree with democratic voting system. majority of the
    poeple said “leave eu” and there should be no bitter discussion about it.
    but noooo, the people who want to stay in eu are making the best they can
    to make this as dramatic as they can. biased newscasting does not help with
    the “smooth” transition. and the end result is going to be bad for the
    economy as markets dont know what’s going to happen. but staying-side
    choose rather to destabilize a country than help make the best from this
    all blame is on the “stay” voters.

  2. Michael Dornelas says:

    UK and USA Suck!

  3. Samy Bencherif says:

    Brexit is NOT a stupid decision. Whlist there are some convincing reasons
    to why the UK should retain EU Membership and the remain supporters have
    every reason to feel hard done by for what may happen in the future, but
    let me reiterate, Brexit is NOT a stupid decision. The brexit campaign will
    always get bad rep for its racist and xenophobic supporters like señor
    Farage, However that does not take away from that fact that EU is an unruly
    bureaucracy which countries within its grasp has to suffer when ONE state
    is on the receiving end of an economical bollocking *ahem* Greece.. Britain
    prides itself on its democratic and egalitarian values, so why would it
    pursue in bureaucratic direction of the EU .This also goes to show how much
    the EU has the UK by the balls which is also helped by the political and
    economical uncertainty within the country. Furthermore as a democratic
    nation, every member has the right to vote and voice their opinion. It
    would severely unjust to deny that right.

  4. Ogi Žogi says:

    No it wasnt independent! Read a bit about EU sorry looser!

  5. Blubleebloohblahblah - says:

    How politicians, presidents and priministers should be elected – lie
    detector test: Are you a heartless cunt – no. – True. Are you a smart
    person that cares for people, animals and the planet – Yes. Correct. =

  6. Patrick Bateman says:

    You lot know that talk-show hosts aren’t a reliable source of information.

  7. Miguel N. says:

    Britain is going to leave whether you like it or not. There’s not going to
    be a second referendum, there’s not going to be any negotiation to
    invalidate the vote.

  8. Thomas Ashraf says:

    John Oliver is just bashing Britain to get cheap laughs and popularity
    amongst the muricans.

  9. Noah haoN says:

    the NHS thing is bullshit, of course he can’t guarantee it, farrage isn’t
    in charge of the country or the national budget, he has almost no power,
    its not like hes decided not to spend it on the NHS, its just that he never
    had the power to make that claim so anyone who voted based on that is an
    idiot, but it wasnt really a lie, the whole point was that it now can be
    spent on the NHS or any other british institutio

  10. 4SHO421 says:

    Apparently Britain does not want to be ruled by Germany. A country that the
    west beat in 2 world wars.

  11. TheSnoozeFox says:

    51.8% of the people stood up and said, “no. We do not wish to be part of
    the ‘one-world economy’. We do not wish to lose our status as a maritime
    nation. We do not wish to lose our heritage and culture.”

    Most importantly, they showed the rest of the world that, with enough
    voters, people from other nations can fight back against the banks and the
    global-elite that want a single currency, a single people, to control
    efficiently, a nation cannot truly succeed with outside influences
    governing them, if you had a slightest bit of intelligence you would
    understand that self determination of the people is the most important
    factor in this referendum and the EUs increasingly globalist tendencies are
    simply incompatible with it.

    This has nothing to do with racism, anything that goes against the lefts
    agenda is considered racism.

    Very few in Brexit want to stop immigration, what we want is better
    immigration control, and the ability to control our own borders. But
    according to the left, not letting every single person in without vetting
    them = racism.

  12. Benjamin Weston says:

    I like you John Oliver, but from the UK, I think you should have been
    politically opinionated. I have no issue with jokes about each side,
    however, since you are actively mocking the leave campaign and it’s goal
    when 1.1m more people voted to leave than remain makes you seem like a bit
    of a sell out to the British people.

  13. Vladimir Kornev says:

    Judging on how this fuckface nearly jumping out of his pants – I’d say UK
    did everything right.

  14. Logan J says:

    Is anyone else as confused about this as me?

    A) Why do people here in the US care so much?

    B) Why is this a bad thing for Britain in the long-run. Last I heard
    Britain lost a lot of money being in the EU.

    Seemingly to sound convincing, he basically just says that they’ll have to
    “settle outstanding bills with the EU”, but isn’t that a good reason to
    leave? All the money it’s costing the UK? He says the’ll have to “sift
    through” EU regulations and decide which ones to keep… So lawmakers are
    going to have to do their jobs. Is this supposed to sound like some big,
    game-changing deal? I feel like it’s ridiculous to assume that the great
    country of Britain couldn’t survive without a big safety net, but since you
    people are so passionate about it and sure of yourselves, I’ll give you the
    benefit of the doubt. Now internet… EXPLAIN IT TO ME!

  15. Jeff The Ripper says:

    can we all just cut the bullshit and lets go to world war 3 already

  16. Arrakiz666 says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for the EU to double down and work hard to
    usher in an era of new prosperity or all it’s members states to leave
    Britain in the dust? Isn’t positive reinforcement in all ways superior to
    negative reinforcement? And I honestly have to ask, if all you’re offering
    is negative reinforcement… Do I really want to be on your team?

  17. quidnick says:


  18. The Boss Stage1 says:


  19. Vladislav Kolev says:

    You people are morons if you think leaving the EU will work in any way for
    you. the UK managed to alienate every single other member of the EU. It’s
    not about a fear tactic, it’s about one country’s absolute garbage racism
    putting 26 economies in jeopardy. If you even slightly believe it’s only
    Germany that wants to make an example out of the UK you’re sorely wrong.

    You’re talking about an organization that was birthed after a racist and
    fascist regime almost destroyed half the world, and you think there’s even
    a small chance they’ll be “amiable” towards the people that outed
    themselves as selfish racists? My only regret is that the 76% of your young
    people will now suffer for their entire lives because of what was chosen
    FOR them by others.

    I do not however regret the punishment you’re about to receive, hell, I’m
    looking forward to it. This coming from a guy who despises Merkel and co.