Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Cicadas (Web Exclusive)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Cicadas (Web Exclusive)

Billions of cicadas will soon emerge after spending 17 years underground. John Oliver fills them in on what’s happened since 1999.

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20 Responses

  1. Grammar Jew says:

    GUYS help the font used in youtube changed !!! am i the only one that
    fucking hate it ? …

  2. Polio Nine says:

    I like Oliver, but I’d really like if we could change the host to a person
    of color. Oliver only gives the point of view from a upper class male, I’d
    really like it if we changed that

  3. Alexander Rex Evensen says:

    There is no maybe about Jordan still being the greatest basketball player
    of all time.

  4. Jack Drewitt says:

    glad theres no 9/11

  5. Clay3613 says:

    I thought they were supposed to come out years ago and didn’t do much.

  6. Michael Joseph says:

    Lmao. 0:53 “Sadly, they won’t have much time among us….” Audience member:

  7. BIGGABE361 says:

    I wonder why he never talked about the Panama Papers….. Suspicious.

  8. Tyler Butler says:

    I was born in 1999 and my name is Tyler… I feel ashamed.

  9. eatanentireass says:

    I was conceived in 1999

  10. D.W.W. Sweetz says:

    America is sick of free welfare for illegals breaking the law. Americans
    are fucking tired of social justice warriors and liberal retards. Liberals
    are violent and trying to stop and ban free speech….. Hillary for

    TRUMP 2016.

  11. SentByHim says:

    I”m from NYC and these bugs are no joke, they make a sound that sounds like
    a blood curdling scream, and it’s LOUD

  12. KHALID ABUZEID says:

    they don’t bring any harm

  13. Lord of the Memes says:


  14. Jalen Powell says:

    follow me on Instagram @noby_hoopin and @justiceforamy.1

  15. Wawagirl17 says:

    “We all just stopped paying for music and porn, and I think we’ve gotten
    away with it!”

    How did it take this long for me to realize how fucking amazing this fact

  16. Nitish Anand says:

    this, kinda proves that john’s audience are real and distinct

  17. Leah Karloff says:

    John Oliver’s comedic style has stayed the same since 1999.

  18. CRaYzi5k8z Brand says:

    If i could i would vote for George W bush again.

  19. SYD SPYKES says:

    Why such a short segment this week?

  20. Red Noir Films says:

    Loved the jab at Trump.