Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Democratic National Convention (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Democratic National Convention (HBO)

John Oliver covers the Democratic convention and the unconventional state of our democracy.

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20 Responses

  1. craiginzana says:

    Can we just abolish the office of the President? Maybe we’d actually pay
    attention to who we elect to congress…

  2. Erik Arustamyan says:

    keep in mind HBO Is owned by Time Warner which is a major donor and
    supporter of Hillary. (almost all social media and television is bias
    towards supporting her). I don’t support wither candidate but he could have
    talked way more about how screwed up the DNC was

  3. Primo says:

    It’s pretty bad when the comments of a John Oliver skit is more
    entertaining than his show.

  4. TheDirtyHarry88 says:

    During this election Americans were provided hard evidence that we are no
    longer a functioning democracy. This election has opened the eyes of so
    many and shown them that so much is fake, corrupt, and simply makes no
    fucking sense… I like John Oliver, but like most people he’s cracking
    jokes when people should be mobilizing for revolution. We’re aware this
    whole thing sensationalizes our broken system at the top level and that It
    flows down to every facet of government in states, districts, counties,
    etc. And it’s all currently underscored by a nonsensical pageant show,
    designed to patronize the American population en masse. America as an ideal
    and a concept is dying.

  5. pipboy17 says:

    How did this manage to brush over all the ridiculous things in those

  6. Nicholas Menzel says:

    why does america only have two parties anyway, it seems undemocratic.

  7. Grump Reference says:

    Can someone please tell me the difference between the policies and values
    between Clinton, Sanders and Drumpf? (without the shitstorm, thanks)

  8. Ron Noel (Raveworg) says:

    its like random internet comments (dnc) vs an amalgamation of every
    internet troll in existence (rnc)

  9. It Ain't Over Yeti says:

    Hilary Clinton covered up her husbands rapes and silenced the victims.
    She got 6 americans killed in Benghazi
    She takes in loads of money from Saudi Arabia through the clinton
    foundation. a country that has one of the worst track records of human
    rights violations on the planet.
    She got an innocent man named Peter Paul arrested for trying to expose her
    campaign fraud in the early 90s during Bill’s campaign.

    And you think Trump is the monster? You people have a perverse sense of
    morality. Unbelievable. You people are fucking idiots of the highest order.

  10. Julia j says:

    Your country is so crazy

  11. One true Zimbo says:

    I’m gonna miss wacky Biden,Tim Kaine just isn’t as fun

  12. Say Owis says:

    this show is so biased

  13. SWulf2817 says:

    We are so screwed.

  14. prince vince says:

    At the start of this here election trump stated ” ive sacrificed my
    business in oder to run for president.” meaning if he is running for office
    he is not in his…

  15. thefoxbelow says:

    Richard Jeni tried to ride the line. Both sides ended up hating him. I see
    it happening again.

  16. Scott Simon says:

    It’s United States, not UnitedED States dumbass! And why the hell do we
    call the parents of the vet “gold star” parents? Before the newest email
    scandal, some Bernie voters may have voted for Hillary, not anymore, if for
    no ther reason than just to piss her off.

  17. MikeyJoJo6385 says:

    Why don’t you get all riled up about Clinton not releasing her paid

  18. Oscar says:

    There is a lot more to talk about Hilary. This is the scariest election
    But I think the last part with Trumps response to the dad was a new low for
    Trump and I really fucking believed you couldn’t go lower.
    Clinton is the same old corrupted politician the western world is used to
    but Trump may very well be a new Hitler.

  19. Zubair Rahman says:

    Pitbull Cosplay ! ?

  20. Josh Porter says:

    This is ridiculous. It is like a played commercial for Democrats and I
    can’t stand either party.