Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump (HBO)

Our main story was about Donald Trump. We can’t believe we’re saying that either.

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20 Responses

  1. Heel Will says:

    John is going to be stumped

  2. Lame coporations says:

    I respect Trump cause you know what other rich kids did with there money ?
    They became Drug addicts and some of them died . Trump work hard for
    decades to build his own business . Hillary Cliton is a puppet of the CFR
    and is super corrupt her husband Bill would go flying to Private islands
    with Jeffrey Epstein a convicted Pedophile . You know what they say Bird of
    a feather flock together .

  3. CheeseyPoofs says:

    God damn i fucking love trump, What a boss. “Gotta take out the terrorists
    family” Who the fuck says shit like that? I cant wait to pledge myself to
    the new empire

  4. rubber chicken says:

    Drumpf = Derp

  5. taz caldwell says:


  6. Prince Raj says:

    John oliver at his best! The points he has put up for trump is worth paying
    attention. trump has shown inconsistency in holding up to his statements,
    his lies and the horrifying statement of his where he is asking to take out
    the families of ISIS. Donald Trump is a shitty dump lifestyle brand
    activist :P

  7. JC401 says:

    lmao wow Jon had no remorse, ur turn drumpf

  8. Matt Evans says:

    13:07 god dammit he’s using THIEVERY CORPORATION’S song in his video!!! (a
    little ironic with the groups name…)

  9. Lonenupe1215 says:

    John you nailed it! Thanks for exposing this modern day snake oil salesman.

    I’m with you! Let’s do it! #MakeDonaldDrumpfagain

  10. Bas Maertzdorf says:

    I think Donny Drumpf now knows who you are, John :-)

  11. Adam Knights says:

    17:10 :0 Donald Drumpf’s plan to defeat isis. Wow people actually thought
    he could run a country. Hopefully now his supports will see through his
    lies. Love john oliver for the well needed comedy and jokes that is
    #makedonalddrumpfagain #comeonamerica #getreal #feeltheburn

  12. Ryan Waibel says:

    damn, drumpf just got fucked

  13. Antonio Richburg says:

    ???? John Oliver great work! @ yellow jello do us all a big favor and
    take a sideways stroll off the biggest bridge you can find

  14. Joshua Fizer says:

    I feel like 90% of these comments didn’t even watch the video. Donald
    Drumpf is a terrible, terrible candidate.

  15. Heroic Love says:

    I like John Oliver, as a matter of fact I love him. But we need someone
    with balls and strength in office. Donald Trump is the only candidate
    that’s self-funded and that’s a plus. Let’s make America great again.

  16. Mark Catania says:

    Watch out for troll artists here. They’re disguised as the dumbfounded
    Trump supporters.

  17. k ball3000 says:

    im so glad this show exists..thank you john oliver and all the people
    involved in this show..seriously! thank you

  18. gullf1sk says:

    Rosie o’donnel is a fucking cunt tho so she has that coming

  19. mrshddy says:

    C’mon…we all know there is zero chance of Trump winning a general
    election. The Latino (or people of color in general) vote will be record
    setting…even more so than for Obama. John Oliver should be happy. Trump
    is (very likely) going to win the nomination (which says a lot about the
    sorry state of the voting public) and hand the general election to the
    Democrats. So the only possible downside for John (and, presumably, most of
    his audience) is that it will be Hilary and not Bernie Sanders. You should
    all rejoice. Make sure and vote and you have this one in the bag.

  20. Isac King says:

    Everybody say *drumpf