Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Endorsements (Web Exclusive)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Endorsements (Web Exclusive)

Since we’re in the middle of an election year, John Oliver makes some official endorsements.

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20 Responses

  1. Beatriz Valente says:

    Why are they always off?? I miss John Oliver’s quips!

  2. Azivegu says:

    Cant wait to see you back on air you malarial sack of rat flesh!

  3. WisdomOfTheKuffār says:

    Cuck Oliver.

  4. denis nesterov says:

    just an aside to consider: people don’t like when someone screams like a
    moron to the camera!

  5. PointlessProductions says:

    At this point they should just call their next episode Last Month Tonight

  6. qawamity/Escef says:

    In other News, “Pushing Tin” has become a sleeper hit amongst insomniacs.

  7. Ringo Brat says:

    literally groaned when I saw it is only 2:56 long. COME BACK YOU RAT-FACED

  8. Nov11jojo says:

    Please endorse the cheese in Greenland barks 14

  9. Sir Westicles says:

    John You’re off everything fricken week. Why do you do this to us?

  10. MrBFox says:

    The Fat Controller will make Sodor great again!

  11. Ozzy Snider says:

    Do you record a bunch of these at once or does the studio audience just
    come for 3 minutes then leaves disappointed.

  12. redfeenix says:

    meh the jokes were not that hot this week. they’re on vacation though i’ll
    cut them some slack

  13. Lego Insomniac says:

    I realised it wasn’t Steven Baldwin…

  14. SQW0 says:

    Better change the show to Last Month Tonight.

  15. Lucas Rosa says:

    Really looking foward to seeing John Oliver talking about Pokemon Go when
    he comes back, since it’s pretty much what dominated news the past weeks.

  16. carschmn says:

    Pushing Tin was a pretty good movie.

  17. Clark Magnuson says:

    John, make fun of Hillary. There is material there.
    1) Bill is not Chelsea’s bio father
    2) Hillary has a big butt
    3) What difference does it make was screeched while wearing prescription
    glasses for double vision
    4) She has robbed every bank you never heard of with over priced speaking
    5) 80% of Americans think an ordinary person would have been indicted
    6) More than 20% of Americans do not know who Hillary is.

  18. Stereoblastula says:

    Dude… you’ve been absent during some of the biggest weeks in news here….
    Please have something good when you come back…. please?

  19. Oscar Aragon says:

    It is not good for the world so many weeks without this show.

  20. Dhruv Gupta says:

    You can’t replace Oprah until you give all your 3.7M subscribers a car.
    Step up your game John.