Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Goodbye, RadioShack (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Goodbye, RadioShack (HBO)

RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy. We’ve helped them create a farewell message.

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20 Responses

  1. Ritabrata Majumder says:

    Watch the full video, it’s hilarious! +Avik Chakra Viorti +avikbellic911 

  2. Smoky The Arsonist says:

    What’s a Radioshack?

  3. Elias Lugo says:

    Hahahahahaha! Holy shit! This is absolutely fantastic!

  4. WizardXZD says:

    That. Was fucking beautiful. 

  5. Megaflubbie says:

    I missed you John :’) Thanks for making my monday better.

  6. WisebloodSA says:

    I’m actually going to miss Radio Shack. I didn’t go there often, but where
    the hell am I supposed to get crap like heat shrink tubing at a moment’s
    notice now?

  7. rg0057 says:

    We used to have Radio Shack in Canada. The chain changed hands, and is now
    called The Source. If you liked Radio Shack, probably someone noticed, and
    will buy the chain, or pieces of it.

  8. The Liberator Magazine says:


  9. Ainsel's_Aegis says:

    glad your back john …. peace

  10. Bone Wax says:

    just because a business files for banktruptcy doesnt mean they’re over. Its
    just a way to dump their back debt.

  11. TalisMedia says:

    You know, the first personal computer I ever saw and was able to touch
    myself was a TRS-80 bought by my best friend in junior high school. It had
    a cassette tape drive for data storage. You had to type program code from
    magazines in BASIC by hand to have software to run. I remember the two of
    us oohing and ahhhing over an ad for a Winchester Hard Drive that stored a
    whole megabyte for $1,000. 

  12. Hal Levy says:

    Radio Shack asked to go out of business when they started to require your
    address to buy batteries. THAT is why they are out of business… people
    wouldn’t go there anymore. I know I wouldn’t. 

  13. Madonna McClure says:

    I think this is hilarious! Be forewarned, there is some pretty bad language

  14. Ariel Ernesto Cima Herrera says:

    I wish J. K. Simmons had voiced that farewell rant.

  15. punipunipyo says:

    AWWW~ who’s gonna fix my power wires now? they used to fix/built a brand
    new power plugs from craps! damn.. this reminds me of Borders… I missed
    Borders…. T_T I used to read fwee manga on their floor…

  16. francisco m says:

    So, does this show only trashes on America? I feel thats the only thing he
    does with out it this has nothing 

  17. Alex S. says:

    Its always sad to see a business throw in the towel. I liked Radio Shack
    and I am sorry to see it go. 

  18. Walter Pavlik II says:

    Hahahahahaha! Holy shit! This is absolutely fantastic!

  19. BenE. Taylor says:

    Look forward to the day when the same happens to Microsoft, Apple & Google.

  20. Naveen says:

    It’s sad to see Radio Shack go, but that’s how the free market works. The
    profit motive encouraged other companies to offer lower prices & better
    products and Radio Shack couldn’t compete. But capitalism improved all of
    our lives as we got more affordable stuff of high quality over the years.
    Radio Shack should be proud of doing the moral thing and not asking the
    govt for handouts stolen from taxpayers to keep it’s business afloat like
    solar power firms, GM, or the banks.