Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Home Depot Commercial (HBO)

Lowe’s is employing robots this holiday season.
But can robots provide the most vital customer service of all?
Nick Offerman, H. Jon Benjamin, and Sarah Baker help us show that they cannot.

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19 Responses

  1. Matt Saunier says:

    OK everyone, huddle up. Brendon, get in here.

  2. Josh Eckerman says:

    H. Jon Benjamin, the Duchess of comedy.

  3. chasemebaby says:

    Yup Robots at the stores, Holograms at airport desks, casinos, and info
    desks at HOSPITALS! And the worse offender ever… Robo-Bartenders that
    make perfect drinks and not too strong! FUCK THAT! (Google all of it, its
    real btw.)

  4. Rob Henderson says:

    Fun performances from Nick Offerman, H. Jon Benjamin (Archer/Bob’s
    Burgers), and Sarah Baker.

  5. Matthieu Scott says:

    All i can hear is Archer talking haha

  6. Fyva Prold says:

    Mr. Oliver: Note to your filming and editing team:
    1. Quit shooting in interlaced. Interlaced video MUST DIE.
    2. Shoot in progressive 1080. Even cheap cameras can do it.
    3. But if you HAVE to shoot in 720 interlaced (seriously?) make them pick
    the right field order in the editing program before converting the frame
    rate (though the problem might be when you post to youtube).
    And in case you skipped that, DON’T FILM IN INTERLACED VIDEO MODE.

  7. pradeep kanchan says:

    Is getting Archer on your sketch enough to get subscribers
    Coz thats how you get subscribers!!!

  8. Irondrone4 says:

    Robots don’t need to concern themselves with human relationships. They
    simply observe us, waiting until we are at our weakest to strike.

  9. aspirex1301 says:

    Sterling Archer is in this video!

  10. ilbv5 says:

    H.Jon and Ron Swanson.

    Fuckin epic.

  11. Douglas Baker says:

    Archer in Home Depot.
    I’d watch that.

  12. REDJEFF MUSIC says:

    #homedepotknows should be the new hashtag of the show

  13. robokicks says:

    Is that guy the voice of archer? 

  14. Pers Godiva says:

    I’d like to point out that the husband was played by H. Jon Benjamin who is
    the voice of Archer from “Archer” and Bob from “Bob’s Burger” … for the
    simple fact that I immediately recognized his voice :D

  15. TheSlowRewind2 says:

    what now i got to compete with robots?

  16. dancedj2k2 says:

    Loved the Woody Allen diss in there.

  17. Gio Pitty says:

    Holy shit….Archer???

  18. greenghost2008 says:

    I’d shop there if he worked there.

  19. yankeefan1355 says:

    Can they make this model as a waiter than I can pilot like a Drone from my