Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: How Is This Not A Thing? (Web Exclusive)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: How Is This Not A Thing? (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver covers some things that don’t — but definitely should — exist.

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20 Responses

  1. he11b1ade says:

    0:17 Did he just say of”t”en? I thought he always prided on his
    pronunciation, even going so far as to say, “this is how the English
    language is designed to be spoken”.

  2. Cyber Kirby says:

    I like this.

  3. Jack Lane says:

    Why are the full length episodes not available in

  4. 890mikes says:

    Love the show, Love the Web Exclusives. This one……..Far far from your
    best work John. Far. Really far. Like miles away. Can’t believe it’s
    by you far. Just so far.

  5. Mr. Green and Watch says:

    … Is it just me or are these videos slowly becoming more unfunny?

  6. Nielsen700 says:

    “Where off this week.” – John Oliver (every other week)

  7. hellcat1988 says:

    Why aren’t bread pants a thing? Would you want to eat something that’s been
    that close to your crotch and ass that long?

  8. Nico Reyes says:

    Earned a thumbs down for the quip about Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

  9. James Usill says:

    Why don’t you put the GOOD scenes online?

  10. Debajyoti Bose says:

    average !

  11. GenerationVideoGamer says:

    If I had breadpants, I’d be afraid of a …….. “YEAST INFECTION” buh duhm
    duhm tisssss

  12. Blane Daze (Mushy) says:

    bread pants is a thing, it’s called “fetish”

  13. Cyber Cupcake says:

    Yeah sure how is this not a thing sounds cool, just don’t do really
    controversial stuff so that you don’t get mountains of hate

  14. Justus Moritz says:

    now THIS is quality shitposting

  15. Milton Mumfrey says:

    Yeah, I’m really angry about being subjected to the Sports Illustrated
    Swimsuit issue.

  16. Fox Stevens says:

    You can’t make bread pants. Get back to work!

  17. sneakysnickersnoopy says:

    How many vacations do these fuckers take?!

  18. tbrogoit02 says:

    as usual I enjoy your humor, but my favorite type of your humor is when you
    are being sarcastic about real things. its the contrast between the real
    and the irony that makes me love you, and where this segment was indeed an
    example of your humor style, I was left a lil disappointed since it was
    just silliness. silliness = very enjoyable, but your show is more then just
    pure silly-dilly. i would have loved to see this bit covering real things
    that should be a thing, like science, social tech, political changes, etc
    etc. i hope you do more of these.

  19. MrSadixe says:

    i didn’t like this segment

  20. Catcher Morningstar says:

    can you please cover dr.burzynski case?
    like so he can see