Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Independence Day (Web Exclusive)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Independence Day (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver reminds America what it lost by gaining its independence.

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20 Responses

  1. Thomas Ashraf says:

    Go back to Europe Trump racists. Mexicans are more native to the Americas
    than you Euroid-American haters

  2. fiveinchesofwow says:

    I had a dream that John Oliver was in prison and was savagely raped by his
    cellmate, Mr. Bean as John Cleese the guard cheered it on.

    I’ve maybe watched too much TV with British accents.

  3. Loskotak LP says:

    And you know, healthcare…

  4. Pan kurczak says:

    happy independence day, rebel scum.

  5. omar elfareh says:

    keemstar blocked me on Twitter. tweet some shit to him for me, will you

  6. Chris Koropeski says:

    independence day: Canada day’s after-party.

  7. Belbecat says:

    Good guy John, Gets day off work, comes to work anyway to make our day a
    bit less depressing.

  8. Chris Fox says:

    That mustache shadow looks like you’ve been eating dirty ass hole or

  9. Jeff Strange says:

    Yup, the Lord had bigger plans then what Britain came up with, that’s for
    sure. They couldn’t see it then, but we can all see it now ! Happy
    Independence Day !

  10. Cyber Kirby says:

    I like Bowler Hats.

  11. Counter Pulse (Indie Music) says:

    A country 50x the size of ours beat us in a war. -golf clap :D

  12. TheSoldierCore says:

    Happy traitor day filthy colonials!

  13. Neri Aipolev says:

    we have chicken pot pie though? that’s a meat pie

  14. stueymon says:

    July the fourth? it’s fourth of July John and you fucking well know it

  15. Lokrow P says:

    Well this was pointless. Look at what you’re missing! Which is to say
    nothing actually substantial!

  16. Simon Grogan says:

    A rare bit of uneducational pointless pandering form John Oliver.
    Current state of US V Britain, what the US is missing out on include a
    country that has a universal national health service, no capital
    punishment, nowhere near the same percentage of their population
    incarcerated, no wide availability of assault weapons so no regular mass
    shootings, and at least to a much better extent publicly funded elections
    so the rich have a harder time just buying power and influence.

  17. The WebHead says:

    John Oliver’s a hypocrite he needs to go back home. bring Jon Stweart back.

  18. raterbeast says:

    I always thought British people would be really bitter on the fourth of

  19. Otter In A Can says:

    Ha! Nope, I’ve got the low self esteem and pessimism from our break off.

  20. fatpatMC says:

    hurry up july 24th come faster…… show on television