Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Medicaid Gap (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Medicaid Gap (HBO)

The election in 2016 decides our new president, but the one this year could determine whether many Americans will have healthcare.

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20 Responses

  1. Asher Mitchell says:

    I live in Mississippi. I am deeply embarrassed that the man nominated to
    represent our Democratic Party is a complete joke. He was elected simply
    because his name was the first of three on the ballot and most people did
    not know who any of them were (the other two were at least qualified
    lawyers who were running credible campaigns). On behalf of the sane people
    of Mississippi, I am really sorry.

  2. Zachary Laborde says:

    No love for Louisiana’s gubernatorial elections I see.

  3. Emil Guillen says:

    or the poor people gap

  4. Aoba-kun says:

    How DARE you make fun of the majestic beauty that is the Pangolin? Take it
    back, fat.

  5. cesar malabrigo mujica says:

    If all of these videos don’t make you appreciate your own country you have
    a big problem.

  6. Alex Meyers says:

    This really is appalling. The politicians who oppose these medicaid
    initiatives for ideological reason are human medical waste. Only America
    could be so rich and so callous at the same time.

  7. EZ64 says:

    Pandolins are adorable!

  8. Xanifer26 says:

    A Taste of Dick Black is now the number one searched album on YouTube.

  9. Richard Thompson says:

    Does Mississippi have open primaries? Because that would explain the
    Democratic nominee.

  10. VJRainbowPuddle says:

    John Oliver is fucking incredible! May he live long & prosper!

  11. TheBIGJake111 says:

    The gap exists, however expanding Medicaid is not the fix. The reason our
    healthcare is so expesnive (as well as college) is medicade/medicare.
    Privatize everything, and police it for corruption.

  12. pieniaurinko says:

    Ridiculous looking? Maybe. But sooo cuuuuuuuuuute! 

  13. Trevin Lang says:

    I live in KY. Wasn’t going to vote tomorrow. Now going to vote tomorrow.

  14. erttheking says:

    So basically the states that don’t want to expand Medicaid are doing it
    because they’re mostly red states and anything a liberal came up with is
    obviously evil.

  15. newgirlde says:

    I can relate to being in the Medicaid gap in Virginia. It sucks to be told
    you make too much money for Medicaid but being unable to afford insurance.
    And then you don’t get enough hours or don’t have a high enough position at
    your job to get insurance from employer.

  16. Jacob Ferreira says:

    Actually the Republicans are right. The money given is stolen from the hard
    working people of america, to people who “need it”. I’m not saying if it’s
    right or wrong, I’m just saying how it is. Government funding doesn’t pop
    out of thin air. Maybe if we didn’t have so much taxes (I know we don’t),
    the following could have put money into their savings and insurance….

    I guess this is what I get for being an individualist and not a

  17. S Bode says:

    2 things on why this wrong and you should do your homework:
    1: A colonoscopy with anesthesia provided does NOT cost $8000, that is not
    the price charged for a cash patient, it is substantially lower. How do I
    know? Guess where some of my income comes from….
    2. With Obamacare, if you don’t qualify for Medicaid, than you have to have
    insurance or you will have a penalty tax. Those that aren’t “well off”
    qualify for tax credits/subsidies that help offset the cost. The person
    without the insurance in this video with the work provided insurance is not
    managing her finances well and it may cost her more money and medical care
    in the long run.


  18. SubnetMaskedMan says:

    He’s talking about the wrong issues. It’s not that Medicaid or free
    healthcare is needed, it’s just that it needs to be more affordable.

  19. ArkonPT says:

    Fucking hell, there’s still 1 YEAR LEFT! WHAT THE FUCK AMERICA?

  20. Felix Hermann says:

    1:13 It’s not a fucking joke, why would they start laughing at this?