Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mental Health (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mental Health (HBO)

John Oliver explains how our national system of treating mental health works, or more often than not, how it doesn’t.

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20 Responses

  1. SassyP17 says:

    John Kasich has increased the budget and expanded Medicaid to the mentally
    ill in Ohio

  2. Atul Choudhary says:

    Nice Show for Normal Peeple

  3. EnteTweets says:

    Omg, us is so broken.

  4. Brandon Miller says:

    Jezz, this show is makes more sense than “real” news.

  5. Taylor Newberry says:

    I completely agree that we need to do something drastic about mental
    health, but I wouldn’t say it’s an excuse to dodge the conversation on gun
    control. We know gun control doesn’t work, we tried it with New York and it
    failed miserably. Unfortunately I don’t know what the right answer is, but
    a ban on guns is certainly not the answer.

  6. Yvonne Stolterfoht says:

    good and important topic!

  7. Imoleayo Abel says:

    “Mental illness; the thing actors pretend to have to win oscars.”

    His first sentence did it for me! So so accurate!

  8. ender25ish says:

    you have to strike a balance, background checks, 5-10 day waiting periods
    are a great start for creating an effectively regulated gun market, getting
    rid of it all together is not an option.

    you cannot take away the rights of people because of the poor choices of a
    few people, thats tantamount to banning cars because of people who eat and
    drink alcohol and text all at the same time.

    but we do need to enforce the laws we have and make our country a safer
    place. banning things like supressors and high cap mags wont make anyone
    safer, meth and coke is banned in the US yet we have a large problem with
    it, banning something like that wont solve anything. you need to regulate
    it or it will never change.

  9. Sean Grizzly says:

    well said, as usual

  10. Isaac Gallegos says:

    There’s a mistake in this. He says most people that commit gun crimes don’t
    have mental health problems. The reason is it’s because it’s caused by gang
    violence. Gangs and mass shooters aren’t going to go away with the same
    solutions. Most mass shooters, however, have mental health problems. To
    group all kinds of killers and believe that they’re the same won’t stop
    mass shootings.

  11. JDLENL says:

    That ending was like a bullet. Sharp, deadly, and to the point.

  12. PinataFreaks says:

    While I agree that putting the blame of mass shootings squarely on mental
    illness is wrong, it is equally wrong to claim that gun control is the only
    factor involved.
    These things are not so simply you can blame it on one thing. Several
    things come together to cause something like a mass shooting, and mental
    illness is often involved as well.
    Now of course this doesn’t mean that everyone with mental illnesses is a
    potential murderer, since mental illness is a very broad term brought
    together to describe multiple disorders.
    Should we get better mental care for people with mental illnesses? Yes.
    Should we also have tougher controls and restrict access to guns? Yes.
    While we are at it we should also get better at detecting, preventing and
    stopping bullying, as that is often also a factor as victims seek revenge
    on their bullies.
    All I am saying, this is a complex issue, there is no lone culprit in this
    and I get annoyed whenever any tries to claim that, no matter what they try
    to blame.

  13. Lauren M says:

    “If we’re going to use mentally ill people to dodge conversations about gun
    control then the very least we owe them is a fucking plan.”
    thank you john oliver.

  14. Amaroq64 says:

    Wait a minute. I thought the Democrats are the ones who introduced mental
    health into the gun control debate. “We need screening so that the mentally
    ill don’t get guns, yadda yadda”.

    Now they’re bashing their opponents for taking them up on their own

  15. Brock Jones says:

    Can the US do anything right funding wise? They don’t have universal
    healthcare, they are massively under-funding NASA, they have shit internet
    infrastructure, and their mental healthcare system is underfunded. But when
    it comes to the military all of a sudden there is no end to the funding it

  16. AllUpINC says:

    Dr. Phil makes me puke because I smell his verbal vomit which is banal,
    trite, manipulative and quite foul…

  17. Killjoy Matic says:

    Passing gun laws that prevent people with mental health issues will only
    stigmatize it even more.
    Who’s going to want to seek help if their rights are going to be taken
    away? Also, can that person ever re-gain their right to own a gun?

  18. writerofbaddreams says:

    Canada, luckily, seems pretty solid in terms of getting treatment for
    mental health problems. At least in my experience. There are enough people,
    psychiatrists etc., who actually do care and actually do want to help you.
    I’ve met some nice people in therapy over the years. Nothing’s perfect, but
    you don’t have to pay if you go through the hospital system, so that’s
    somewhat amazing.

  19. Jacob Whittaker says:

    I would like to see a video on gun control, there has to be a way it can be
    handled so that both gun people and anti gun people will be mostly
    happy………. Even as a gun owner its not good to have a nation divided
    like this……….

  20. shakeyfly says:

    Nothing like removing personal accountability from the table. Criminals are
    responsible for their actions. You can’t deny that. You do, what you do,
    because you do it. Put the blame on someone else? or an inanimate object?
    Right… then why not ban alcohol? There are probably hundreds of thousands
    of abused children that would love to have a sober parent. Or the countless
    car accidents? Or Prevent all cellphone activity while in a car? The new
    generation is weak and scared and wait for buzzfeed, college professors,
    and other countries to tell them how to live. Take responsibility for your
    actions, and I’ll take responsibility for mine.