Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Migrants and Refugees (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Migrants and Refugees (HBO)

Millions of migrants seeking asylum in Europe face hostility, racism, and red tape. John Oliver does one admittedly tiny thing for one of them.

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20 Responses

  1. Benjamin Barney says:

    If only clicking a like button could help those people. Im gonna go find a
    way to actually do something

  2. Vailent1 says:

    The ending was very cute.

  3. Protector of the Republic says:

    I’m shocked by how incredibly deceptive and incredibly stupid this report
    by John Oliver is. We, Europeans, do not want Islamists into our countries.
    Islam is the most vile, wretched, primitive and barbaric ideology to have
    ever existed. It is a cancer and so are its followers. I don’t want to live
    in fear that one day my family will die in a bombing. We don’t want Sharia
    Law supporters in our neighborhoods and communities. And the world is
    overpopulated enough. We don’t need more people. So fuck you John Oliver!
    Sincerely, Europeans.

  4. JKPT says:

    John Oliver – simply – stupid idiot….

  5. leprechaunluck24 says:

    Why in gods name is there so many dislikes! Man John keep doing good work.
    Our world is so messed up. I feel bad for these people. If I was in a
    position of power I would help. I would ostracized by Europe apparently but
    I would help.

  6. KillerGnom says:

    oh dear this is just great

  7. Wuwt08 says:

    Dont you know, this is the white mans burden. He is from the time he
    colonized the world doomed to be the eternal saviour of all humans that
    inhabits it.

  8. ProTomDekkers says:

    @ProTomDekkers damn autocorrect sometimes lol

  9. Jaro Ulicny says:

    vazeny pan reporter , ste obycajny kokot , robite si picu z toho co sa
    teraz deje v europe , ale aj vasa pojebana krajina je za to zodpovedna a na
    tomto skurvenom stave ma obrovsky podiel . prajem vam zazit tu neistotu a
    strach z toho , co sa tu teraz deje . takze trosku respektu ku krajinam o
    ktorých viete holy kokot ! ked vam niekto zacne moslimizovat tu vasu
    skurvenu ameriku , pojebete sa z toho …

  10. Royo2013 says:

    Sad thing people seem not to know that this is about people

  11. Glenn Hanchey says:

    When I was in school, I read and studied and learned how the Jews were
    often persecuted and forced to migrate, and were often expelled from
    countries like Spain and Russia and Poland. We are taught those countries
    were racists. The revisionist history in 2015 may be categorized in two
    groups. The Jews and the Racists. If history continues unabated and
    doesn’t change, where do they Jews go to when expelled from America,
    Australia, and Europe?

  12. Uranium says:

    I don’t get it…why can’t we have equality? If a woman goes to Syria and
    wears normal clothes she will be stoned. But if a Syrian goes to the
    western world they are encouraged to wear their burkas.

  13. Ollie Ollie says:

    whatd you do with the 4 foot long dick? just wondering

  14. Nick Hare says:

    I hate soap operas, but this was awesome. 🙂 Way to go John and team!!

    I love how everyone is thinking that John is an unbiased news source. He’s
    said it multiple times, He is a comedian! Its not his fault the regular
    news groups sucks balls.

  15. J Arduino says:

    I’d say this is a rather one-sided take on the issue. Where’s the
    anti-being-a-decent-person perspective, huh?

  16. 33joee says:

    comon Jhon, Germay “welcomes” migrants and second day they impose mandatory
    redistrubution to other contries.

    And please do not colse eyes on the fact that many migrants (not like the
    youg girl), do not want to integrate into europen society (look at the
    London for example) and that is the fear. Europe has it own culture and
    many people fear that growing muslim population will change original
    culture of europe nations.

    and also how many of migrits do you thin would liek to go to Slovakia?
    almost non, they all want to go to th richiest country.

    and finaly since when is religion a race ?

  17. Magda Gera says:

    Seems to me FB is censored in Hungary. I cannot comment on or share it in
    my country.

  18. Faranak Golii says:

    The comment section is turning into a war zone for Americans and Europeans
    fighting over who’s the bigger asshole while hundreds of innocent people
    are dying just because of their race and their faith. You’ve done well

  19. Manmadespacecraft says:

    I know I’m going to get a lot of shit for this but SOME of these refugees
    are so fucking ungrateful and picky. A week ago some of them REFUSED to go
    to Finland, they should be taking anything they can get. A lot of the
    refugees are more well treated then our homeless people. I’m all for them
    coming here, just think some of them should have a change in attitude and
    take this more seriously.

  20. Dear Leader (TheLadder) says:

    I’m sure EU is more than happy to ship off a few mil of refugees to the