Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: North Dakota (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: North Dakota (HBO)

North Dakota is known for being polite, but perhaps they’ve been a little too hospitable to oil companies.

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20 Responses

  1. Incredible Canemian says:

    5:20 Did a pre-teen boy come up with his shifts?

  2. Kate Senatskaya says:

    Oil and gas industry: destroying nature, killing people

  3. Arman Shad says:

    republican governor
    why am i not surprised

  4. Angela Zalucha says:

    This is really funny, North Dakota is probably going to be my last state.
    And I will specifically make a trip there, just to call it state #50. I’m
    going to have to remember to get that t-shirt

  5. Incredible Canemian says:

    Look in the sky! It’s a store! It’s a business! No, it’s… 9:19

  6. Retro Housewife says:

    Mind your own business, Oliver

  7. Morgan “Mo” Schmitz says:

    I am from North Dakota and I loved this it was so true. I didn’t realize
    that other places didn’t have those billboards.

  8. Ben Palmer says:

    1:28 Don’t bleep out fuck lol

  9. Topher S says:

    I nominate John Oliver for all the Emmys.

  10. serjeym says:

    this report is such a lie I don’t even know where to start. for one that
    guy makes over 150k cash after texas, second they ask for over time. third
    gas prices would be at 6 bucks a gallon without north Dakota

  11. NaiaraDLCR says:

    Same f-Ing thing happening in the Dominican Republic with the Barrick Golf
    Company… Politicians sold us, our land, rivers and the Pueblo Viejo
    inhabitants are dying and no one bats an eye.

  12. Jakomelo says:

    they missed a “fuck” censor. But this is the internet so why even have them
    in the first place?

  13. Chuffered FUoogle says:

    #TPP is going to do this for everyone and add the draconian US copyrights
    loose on the world. Guess we’re all going to jail.

  14. Brenda Schouten-Beckett says:

    Fargo is one of my all time faves.

  15. FzMonsta says:

    What is the point of censoring a YouTube video? They didn’t even bleep all
    of the expletives. 1:27

  16. Shaun Lewis says:

    I think he should have also touched on the prostitution problems, high
    housing prices, and overcrowding that affect the regions once small, quiet
    towns. I stayed in the Bakken last summer and it is clearly no place to
    raise a family. It definitely is not much different than the gold rush.

  17. Ryan Pinto says:

    praise be praise be

  18. RecklessAbandon says:

    I was wondering why all these videos were up today since it’s Thanksgiving
    and we have the day off.
    Then I remembered that it’s Canadian Thanksgiving and no one cares.

  19. farber2 says:

    North Dakota doesn’t have to be business friendly, they have the oil, and
    if you want it you have to go there. Who in North Dakota is giving their
    oil away? You should find out.

  20. big guy says:

    He’s right you know, i mean it’s 2015.