Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Paid Family Leave (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Paid Family Leave (HBO)

Many American companies do not offer paid leave after the birth of a child, which means they probably shouldn’t run sappy Mother’s Day ads.

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20 Responses

  1. Akhil Doji says:

    Bund maar li..maza aa gya

  2. Julianna Agoncillo says:

    Now I feel unsure about raising a child if our governments are not giving
    at least some pay during a woman’s maternity leave. And once again, the
    Minnesota demonstrates the difference between legislation for
    politics/economics and personal rights.

    On a lighter note, that Mother’s Day message at the end…. is that Erinn
    Hayes as one of the mothers forced to go back to work? A coincidence that
    she is a hospital patient when she plays a doctor/actress on Childrens

  3. Eldon Enerva says:

    a belated happy mother’s day to my mom. and although the video below
    doesn’t apply to my mom, i say this. what the f**k america? what the F**K?

  4. OphiucusIncendia says:

    Wow Americas government doesn’t care about it’s people.

  5. Joe Jr. says:

    [insert comment on how America sucks and every other country in the world
    is better]

  6. phantomrachie says:

    I find all the comments under this video about the pay gap being false
    weird. people claim the pay gap is false due to women making different
    ‘choices’, in this video it is clear that women in the US often have to
    come back to work earlier or, as a logical extension of that, go from full
    time work to part time work because there is no paid maternity leave.

    How much of a choice do women in the US really have? Come back to work
    after 12 weeks unpaid leave or lose your job? How is this a choice?

    Surely one of the logical results of the lack of paid family leave is that
    women leave their jobs or have to take lower paid jobs. Also given the
    vitriol that some men face when they take paternity leave, it is clear that
    women would be the ones who are most likely going to sacrifice their career
    for their kids.

    With the lack of support and all the social pressures on both men and
    women, how can any of the ‘choices’ women make that may lead to the wage
    gap really be said to be choices?

  7. Half man says:

    Good. No one should be encouraged to have children. It should be as
    difficult as we can make it for someone to have a child because the last
    thing the world needs is more people. Breeding should be discouraged,
    especially for Americans.

  8. flipmaya says:

    Mras make me hate men more than feminism

  9. Ed Powell says:

    He never answers the real question: by what right should someone be paid
    for not working? Work and you get paid, don’t work and don’t get paid.

  10. bigraviolees says:

    Republican id0cy that makes the USA a 3rd w0rld 0ligarchy. Never thin a
    greedy bastards fat wallet

  11. Joey Bouganim says:

    Anyone realize that the Mets Mother’s Day commercial kept saying “Sunday
    May 11th”? Sunday was May 10th.

  12. That guy that hugs puppies says:

    America is a business, not a country. Coming from someone who makes 8000 a
    year busting my ass jus to starve it’s a dam good one and this points that
    out. U have to be heartless to be the best business. And God forbid u try
    looking for a new job having to pull 50,000+ out of your ass to roll the
    dice and slightly increase your chances of a job by getting a degree in
    something u despise to make ends meet til u kill yourself because u have a
    job that overworks, underpays and absolutely no life or no time for
    anything. The American Dream (I.e. A fucking nightmare) oh and taxes lol

  13. Sam says:

    I always forget how conservative people are here in america. It’s scary.
    It’s like some people never left the 1800’s.

  14. Bro Stew says:

    I can’t be the only one that thinks that this is a good thing looking at
    the big picture. Less people and only responsible people can afford

  15. sheepwshotguns says:

    im sure the family values republicans will get right on this…

  16. Joseph Fryer says:

    Why does it take a British man to tell us American’s how much we’re fucking
    up? I love John Oliver

  17. GladiusDeum says:

    WOW!!!! even in my fucked up beloved country of Colombia, women get 16
    weeks of payed leave when they give birth (by law), though some companies
    will give them up to 7 months (the lactancy period) of payed leave with
    included bonuses, and men get 2 weeks off when they become fathers, though
    some companies give them up to 6 weeks off…..and I know that countries
    such as germany which give 6 weeks off before expected due date, and then
    from 12 to 14 months of payed leave (12 if married woman, 14 if single
    mother)… that the USA has no payed leave baffles me really

  18. DarknessIsTheTruth says:

    It always comes down to MALE lawmakers deciding what’s best for WOMEN.

  19. Bacon lover says:

    works in every other counry except for those two

  20. wolftamer9 says:

    Yeah, business regulations like more paid maternity leave and raising the
    minimum wage will just hurt the economy! Just like when those cruel
    bastards abolished slavery and sweatshop labor! How heartless can you be to
    advocate for something like that?

    …Because this is the internet I feel I have to clarify that I was being