Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Pennies (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Pennies (HBO)

Pennies are not even worth what they’re worth. So why do we still make them?

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20 Responses

  1. Professor Detective says:

    I know how we could keep the Lincoln lovers happy, we take all the pennies
    we can pull out of circulation, melt them down and mold them into a giant
    statue of Honest Abe and stick it in front of the US Mint. So We Never

  2. Veian Demontrond says:

    Well, I don’t know what YOU guys are using for fuses….

  3. Randy Butternubs says:

    Pretty much just a rehash of CGPgrey’s video.

  4. Tyrent Den says:

    I like the new Muppet Show.

  5. Jackson Tong says:

    I don’t keep any coin less than a quarter.

  6. tharsim says:

    In Brazil, we’ve extinguished the 1-cent coin. That’s good but you’re more
    likely to get less change than you should. I never complained about it
    because it’s just one or two cents but I know people who have complained
    and that’s reasonable, too.

  7. Groisu says:

    but if you pick a penny up all day long you’ll have good luck 🙁 oh well
    lucks kinda useless anyway

  8. MrMalorian says:

    In Canada we got rid of the penny, and my reaction was, “Why don’t we get
    rid of nickels and dimes too?” It really is a waste of government money,
    and has almost no worth in modern times.

    The penny has been gone for a while, and I don’t miss it.

  9. Riley Whisler says:

    Grocery stores and convenience stores already work on the margin of a
    couple cents…eliminating this will surely cause them to round the prices

  10. EL1TE GUARD1AN says:

    Canada already got rid of pennies, if America wants to get out of dept they
    need to stop making pennies altogether.

  11. Tom Krystinik says:

    I’m fairly certain the only time I’ve used a penny in the last decade is to
    scratch off Steam cards and then they get chucked off the balcony.

  12. dumaskhan says:

    if we get rid of our pennies, how will i give my two cents?

  13. says:


  14. Marco Onyxheart says:

    Fuck pennies. The only reason why I still encounter them is because
    freaking Germans get upset when the Aldi doesn’t hand them the exact change
    they’re owed, and I happen to live just over the German-Dutch border (which
    means lots of Germans around here). Most supermarkets here don’t hand
    pennies over anymore, though.

  15. SCURGE says:

    i regularly throw pennies in the garbage

  16. JD's Variety Channel says:

    Enjoyed the video as a coin dealer and one of the largest metal detecting
    channels on YouTube. No one likes post 1981 pennies and calls them
    “Stinkin’ Zincoln’s”. They are made out of zinc crap, and after being in
    the ground a few years they literally start to deteriorate. Doesn’t make
    any cents why you would produce a coin you take a loss on.
    I feel bad for nickels though. They stand to be the new underdog!

  17. thornhill67 says:

    Didn’t they know there are machines that can count pennies?

  18. nwomatt125 says:

    I been saying for years we need to drop the pennies

  19. That Girl With The Coffee says:

    CGP Grey and John Green would be proud :)

  20. nedim bashic says:

    Am i the only one who read it PENIS, and was disappointed when it turned
    out to be pennies??