Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prisoner Re-entry (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prisoner Re-entry (HBO)

Former offenders face enormous obstacles once they leave prison. John Oliver sits down with Bilal Chatman to discuss the challenges of reentering society.

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20 Responses

  1. HighMagnitudeGT says:

    “I gotta go! A squirrel’s fucking my tomatoes!”

  2. Pepsiman says:

    Baskin Robins always finds out….. always.

  3. Jan Sten Adámek says:

    13:27 #3 How does that even apply? The only way I can see it applying is
    that denying grants to prisoners will actually create situations when a
    blind hog (ex-prisoner) needs to find acorns (food) himself. And guess how
    he will manage that without a job?

  4. John Smith says:

    John Oliver is soft on crime. The whole point of the exercise (for
    many/most voters) is to make life a living hell for criminals. Sounds to me
    like mission accomplished. Why would we want to make things too easy on
    them? The only things that sounds unfair to me is the fees (since they may
    honestly not have the money) and the ban on jobs which are not necessarily
    sensitive (since they need money to live). Everything else I see in the
    video seems like fair game.

  5. domo jim says:

    The scout leader is one of the four states Colorado Washington Alaska or

  6. luke daniels says:

    There sure are some sociopathic hardliners in this comment section. As
    someone who has plenty of experience in this matter I can say with
    confidence that the majority of p&p officers in the U.S. don’t take any
    where near the same zero tolerance stance as a lot of the commenters in
    this video take. A P.O.’s job is to help released convicts reintegrate into
    society. Even though some are dicks like you’ll find in any profession the
    majority have a substantial understanding of addiction, socioeconomic
    issues, and fully recognize the systemic roadblocks that every convict
    faces upon reintegration. All humanity is flawed. We all will inevitably
    err. If you took such a hard line approach to probation, and parole the
    recidivism rate would be 100%. The truth is we’ve all broken the law
    countless times throughout our lives. Those who take this zero tolerance
    approach are just criminals who’ve never taken account of their crimes.
    Were they held accountable they’d never escape the system.

  7. Sterling “TheOddSter” S. says:

    Here’s a good question for a job application: Have you ever had a major
    role in the movie “The Love Guru”? yes/no

  8. Miles Harbord says:

    PLEASE cover the TPP, it’s set to be the largest corporate power grab in
    the last 50 years.

  9. TsukiNaito1 says:

    America: “Poor people are lazy and should work harder to make more money! *keeps
    wages low, allows college tuition to rise to ridiculous levels* Prisoners
    are lazy and they had their shot, our prisoners are overcrowded because
    they just end up back in jail! *laws make it impossible to function on the

    This country is fucked up and self righteous, plain and simple.

  10. David Fisher says:

    I love tomatoes……….and this show

  11. Izac Delao says:

    Bills Chatman is the result of Ben Carson going to jail.

  12. Eric Shull says:

    The idea of calling it a “justice” system is incorrect. There isn’t any

  13. Mark Arandjus says:

    Leave it to Fox News to ask if non-violent drug offenders are dangerous :T

  14. Kvothe says:

    are most prisoners in the USA black or why did they only show black ones?
    Or are black people at a bigger disadvantage when they leave prison?

  15. Uthman Baksh says:

    Janice from accounting DGAF!

  16. Intros And Endings says:

    you bet your ass he grows those tomatoes good! home grown tomatoes!

  17. Dan Williams says:

    I’ve talked to many homeless, many say they would rather go back to jail.
    They can’t get the help they need to be able to take care of themselves.

  18. PcGameHunter says:

    Binge watch ? I watched all the full episodes atleast 7 times over … and
    I’m not even American xD

  19. GoldStorm07 says:

    Being incarcerated should not automatically define who somebody is for the
    rest of their life. The second someone is convicted of a crime in this
    country, they are permanently marked as subhuman. We are being told that
    violent and nonviolent crimes are equivalent, and our culture, wanting to
    feel itself to be hard on crime, believes that.

    As a society, we have to learn to look at each inmate individually. Do not
    assume that someone who served 15 years for marijuana usage is going to
    steal and rape if allowed to reenter society. Do not assume that someone in
    poverty who had to steal to put food on the table is going to kill someone
    upon being released. These aren’t subhuman monsters, they are human beings.
    They will only have the chance to recover and rebuild if we give them that

    If we are going to continue calling our prison system a “correctional
    system”, then we need to have faith that correction is possible. Otherwise
    we are gleefully condemning people to a thorough experience in a deeply
    personal hell. Having this belief about criminals, that they will always be
    criminals, can seep into the heads of people in prison and make them
    believe that they cannot be helped and are incapable of changing. That
    negates the concept of correction and turns jails into just that, jails.

    This does not mean being “soft on crime”. It does not mean turning a blind
    eye to violent crime in this nation. All it means is convincing ourselves
    that committing a crime does not necessarily mean putting an abrupt halt to
    someone’s life, nor does it mean that these people deserve to have their
    lives come to a stop.

  20. Jarrad McCarthy says:

    amen to bilal, i was in his same shoes, but there is always hope!! just got
    to stay positive and focus on the good stuff