Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Puerto Rico (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Puerto Rico (HBO)

Puerto Rico is suffering a massive debt crisis. Lin-Manuel Miranda joins John Oliver to call for relief.

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20 Responses

  1. rasnac says:

    Why is Puerto Rico not a state?

  2. Dil Matturro says:

    I dont get Hamilton, it seems so cringy, why is it popular?

  3. Weasle GoftheToftheX says:

    Small side note, yes, we got a trillion dollars from China… that was
    blown through in 2 years. (Our defence budget is 500 Billion dollars a
    year.) Sometimes, knowing basic math sucks.

  4. big125 jojo says:

    I will wear my Hamilton blouse at your house I don’t know if that was a
    bone or a legitimate offer it was both

  5. Tim G says:

    Yeah, 5 good people, among 100s of thousands of welfare abusers on
    mainland. And you wonder why they are fucked up. These “citizens” show no
    responsibility, nor citizenship, apart from cashing there “benefit” checks.
    Go back to Puerto Rico, and live in your mess.

  6. Kyle Morgan says:

    How does this have so many down-votes? What’s wrong with people?

  7. Sombra Señor de la noche says:


  8. anthony toscano says:

    1% Dictatorship and this crap surprises no one; The surprise will come when
    our nation collapses financially and very soon;

  9. Marshall Gaunt says:

    Ballot: Hey Puerto Rico, want to be a state?
    Puerto Rico: Nah
    USA: K fam.

    3 years later
    Puerto Rico: America pls

  10. Astrid Espitia says:

    Can this please go viral?!

  11. maoristereo says:

    Puerto Rico has a better chance of being out of debt than i have to see

  12. shallwi says:

    19 tril and growing, whos gonna bail out the rest of the murica i wonder.
    Just sell it back to Spain, sell Alaska back to Russia and i heard for the
    right price Chinese might be interested in some states as well

  13. rabbitfishtv says:

    And now, the government is planning to lower the minimum wage in Puerto
    Rico to $4.25. The hell doesn’t end for the citizens.

  14. MrWillyVanilly says:

    Guys think about it, do we really want another Florida? (◉◡◔)

  15. Ian Terada says:

    Waiting on that collab with Macklemore.

  16. Joshua Seda says:

    no matter what my island is beautiful to me

  17. JR G says:

    why is this guy always ‘trending’ on YouTube.. him and Jimmy Fallon, etc.

  18. Jacob Graber says:

    America is suffering from a debt crisis too. We’ve got too much debt,
    unemployment, underemployment, low wages. And John Oliver’s solution is
    for the United States to financially bail out Puerto Rico. STFU John,

  19. Ryan Marchant says:

    weasel knees

  20. soundmind38 says:

    9:30 Mr.Green is that a native American ???