Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Regifting (Web Exclusive)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Regifting (Web Exclusive)

You will receive at least one horrible gift this month. John Oliver has some tips for getting rid of it.

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20 Responses

  1. KOSWHYNOT says:

    ill get a box of horse shit and gift it to my ex

  2. Nereidhar says:

    If somebody gave me a box of wine with a “This is so you” note, I’d be
    delighted and he/she would be right.

    That said, FEBRUARY?! FEBRUARY?! John, you can’t do this to me! What am I
    supposed to watch while sipping my wine?!

  3. Maaz Kidwai says:

    I started crying when he said that they are off till February. :(

  4. RDJ 134 says:

    So…. who in his office gave him that tie??

  5. Shashank S says:

    Tim Whatley approves.

  6. TheIcelandicPatriot says:

    Off until February?…………..And unsubscribe.

  7. Adam Skatharakis says:

    This is only the second show in recent years I’m really eager to watch (the
    other one being Archer).

  8. Andrew Gipson says:

    But I love the cranberry chutney scent…

  9. SpartanMDC113 says:

    I do hope my problems become someone else’s! Thanks for conveying what I’ve
    always wanted John

  10. Jaskaran Deol says:

    2 months damn it…

  11. Erik István Fejes says:


  12. Juliet parker says:

    This video was the best surprise ever :’)

  13. Nabila Nadiansyah says:

    NO JOHN COME BACK…………………..

  14. rpgmaddol x says:

    Two years ago I gave a notebook to my friend who was eyeing it in my room.
    That same Christmas she gave me it back.

  15. Sandra Reaume says:

    Is that a laugh track or real people?

  16. Biggus Dickus says:

    forgot to thumbs up, then he got to the teddy bear watching you have sex.

    i then remembered to thumbs up.

  17. bob smith says:

    Wow, so every single person out there is just drowning in friends and
    family with disposable incomes, RIGHT!?!?!?!? I mean, of COURSE everyone is
    going to get AT LEAST ONE shitty gift this year, because of COURSE everyone
    is going to be getting tons of christmas presents, RIGHT!?!?

    How is that NOT possible? How is everyone on earth NOT in a white
    upper-middle class suburban American family with tons of friends who
    everyone just LOVES and doesn’t have ANY ISSUES!!

    and people wonder why Americans are so hated

  18. Qwyn says:

    February???? Really????? Nooooooooo ;(

  19. SLEEPY BROWN68 says:


  20. TheAwarc says:

    Gotta be kitten me John Snoliver, you’re off till February and the other
    dude doesn’t come back till April??