Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Republican National Convention (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Republican National Convention (HBO)

John Oliver discusses last week’s unsurprisingly surprising Republican convention.

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20 Responses

  1. sparklestone says:

    Eh, we all know the sjws will let Hillary win, then we can all cry about
    how she’s destroying the country.

  2. Olyphantastic says:

    I love anarchy! Let the political apocalypse start, and hope this will
    finally end the world!

  3. Lady Catfish says:

    If the economy is doing so well, then why isn’t the Fed increasing the
    interest rates? It is because the economy is *not* doing well.

  4. 23BEATNGU says:

    No mention of the scandal in the DNC? Shocking ?

  5. chromefinch says:


  6. Pet Shop says:

    I hope Donald is elected just so he can be impeached very soon afterwords
    and so America will never forget about the decision they made.

  7. MusicMeake says:

    I saw one prostitute posted she made over $6000 at the rnc

  8. Miran Petrusic says:

    Do a show about those people that feel that they’re the wrong gender, how
    what they feel isn’t fact.

  9. choctaw warrior says:

    never heard so much bitching over nothing. this is how bad Americans come
    you people are getting your political news and opinion from a comedian f*
    ***** comedian really on a Jewish shawl Grey

  10. BEWTUBE says:

    Liberals are a complete mess and super currupt.

  11. Anonym Anonym says:

    Best video since long time

  12. Joseph Goeballs says:

    ‘the RNC is feeling over facts’
    Just fucking watch him talk positively to the DNC and SJWism

  13. Jeffery Liggett says:

    We know what you are going to say but we let you say it anyway, no big

  14. VENI VIDI VICI says:

    So are you going to talk about the DNC email leak?

  15. jerry helton says:

    I think John’s just pissed that Trump and the GOP is using the liberals

  16. Melissa Grebrof says:

    LOL, Newt @6:32 Stats…Fuck them, I know better. Roly Poly pig, can’t even
    look after himself, BUT knows better for EVERYONE else. Mmmhmmmm.

  17. MnSXx says:

    “That’s your view”

    Get him shot, please, it’s for your own good.

  18. Yusiley Sierra says:

    Can we US citizens join forces with the rest of the other nations, and
    together in true form of brotherhood and sisterhood torch this whole
    political shit down and start all over? I want something better than every
    four years I have the choices between Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich. It
    is to the point that Lewis Blacks’ idea of letting Chimps to pick our
    presidents sounds like a great idea.

  19. Mairon the admirable says:

    Hey Libtard John, what about DNC leaked emails?

  20. Beth_9 Beth_9 says:

    Excellent job!!! 3 days shrinked into 11 minutes!!! Excellent job, John!!!
    Excellent job!!! You get things done!!! You get things done!!! hahahahahaha