Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Revised Resolutions (Web Exclusive)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Revised Resolutions (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver helps you revise the New Year’s resolutions you’ve already failed to keep.

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20 Responses

  1. lesslighter says:

    I don’t have a new year’s resolution but if I do it would be to instigate a
    nuclear holocaust where you can launch more nukes than the current
    available global stockpile that way I really wont be disappointed when it
    doesnt happen cause if it does then all is good

  2. RDJ 134 says:

    I am still suprissed that they make Muppert so realistic as John Oliver.
    +1000 for the makers of this puppet.

  3. the kid says:


  4. John Goundry says:

    Is it not ironic that Actors/Actresses that have won an *E* mmy a *G* rammy
    and an *O* scar do infact have massive EGO’s?

  5. jbear says:

    Kentucky DERby

  6. Rachel Denucci says:

    who else is brazilian and knows how to pronounce açaí? (it’s like “assaí”)

  7. D Sanchez says:

    Is that. Laugh track?

  8. Victor Jacomini Fonseca says:

    Açaí : Ass ay

  9. PI98 says:

    0:56 when he said “All hope is no lost” I laughed my ass off

  10. negasilver63 says:

    I’m suddenly so determined to win an EGOK

  11. Mátyás Endrey says:

    I know someone who certainly doesn’t give a fuck about her resolutions.

  12. Ridnarhtim says:


  13. oscargordon says:

    I resolve to drink less, but to use higher quality booze.

  14. MuffinHunterX says:

    I resolved not to make any resolutions.


  15. ljmasternoob says:

    My New Year’s resolution was to throw up on New Year’s Day. Mission

  16. seanodotcom says:

    Yawn. A rare miss for John. But still excited for new episodes in 2016.

  17. Telamond says:

    The T in EGOT matters!

  18. hystErickVlogs says:

    “How to keep your RESOLUTONS”

  19. ImAFckingDragon says:

    These shorts are such a tease!

  20. Eight Thoughts says:

    laugh track like Big Bang.