Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Special Districts (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Special Districts (HBO)

Special districts spend more public money than all city governments combined. That’s odd considering most of us don’t know they exist.

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20 Responses

  1. Pizza Crust says:

    John loves quartz too!? I thought I was the only one!

  2. gl15col says:

    Well, another important thing they didn’t teach me in school. The school
    that was paid for by the thing they don’t tell us about. I’m starting to
    think the people running things are keeping important stuff secret…See,
    it’s not always Washington that steals you blind. It could be the guy you
    had a beer with last week. Probably is that f*cking guy, f*ck him. And
    really, I could care less if anyone smokes pot, as long as they drive their
    own vehicle afterward. The drinking is unacceptable before driving any

  3. Senura Rajapathirane says:

    now it has 5000 views !!!

  4. Penguin Publisher says:

    John Oliver, fighting for the little guys.
    God bless this British man.

  5. nischal devkota says:

    always thought that being a third world nation, our government was so
    screwed up…..but ours is just corrupted… this is a real mess!

  6. Kiyosuki says:

    The image of those two guys being so by the book for a room of empty chairs
    is gonna stay with me all week.

  7. Mike Kerr says:

    so kinda like my ex wife. Takes all my money with no oversight and no legal
    way to get rid of her. Crap.

  8. Cris Py says:

    Anyone want to watch Ghost Dad now?

  9. Melissa Forberg says:

    I love those 2 rule guys.

  10. Noah Doherty says:

    correction, universal crossover between DC and Marvel has happened.
    Hawkeye, for example is actually in the Justice League.

  11. AdeoAdversary says:

    Evertime I tune in to John Oliver I think there can’t possibly be another
    example of America epicly mismanaging its government and fucking over its
    people, but almost every week there it is, another example. Way to go
    America. You’re an inspiration to corrupt democracies everywhere.

  12. chasemebaby says:

    AHH Rhode Island a state full of fucking druggies getting high in paked
    cahs & LOOOZAHZ!!! – If your from New England you get that joke.

  13. 28joshg says:

    Why do they bleep the F-bombs? It’s fucking HBO.

  14. Fionna chu says:

    Love that he knows people watched him for the first time last week because
    it was about trump. Stupid, uneducated people! Saw this video shared by
    people that have know idea who John is :(

  15. HideousConformity says:

    How many views does that Litchfield video have now? :P

  16. Antares says:


  17. Alexander Hahn says:

    I love how people complain about this show being repetitive, and in
    response they just double down on the jokes with kids.

  18. PhoenixWings Entertainment says:

    I demand a last week tonight children’s edition to air on PBS.

  19. Rami Ungar says:

    One of those kids looked like mini-Jon Oliver.

  20. Adam Burgess says:

    am i the only one who went and watched that mosquito video and dropped them
    a like because i felt so bad?