Last Week Tonight With John Oliver – “Stupid” Watergate

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver – “Stupid” Watergate

From HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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20 Responses

  1. Tracy Muckle says:


  2. EmmaLlanos says:

    Trump will say and do anything to not take responsibility.

  3. Joe Espinosa says:

    Not surprised that Trump misspelled tap. We all know how much he likes pee-pee.

  4. Sylinic says:

    I used to like this guy. What an insufferable cunt. These people don’t get that they’re making the bulk of society see what petty douchebags they are. He mispelled the word “Tap”. Wow. Good one guys. Good one. This makes the majority of Americans look at you like you’re self important sanctimonious children.

  5. Mark Child says:

    Basically, the President is reading fake news and spreading it around.

  6. James Baker says:

    It’s so obvious that trump is mentally ill!

  7. Magnumanxl says:

    3-5 million illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 election, thousands of Muslims cheered in NJ on 911, President Obama spent millions to keep his Kenyan birth a secret, Rafael Cruz was involved in the assassination of JFK, border patrol agents refuse to stop terrorists from entering the country, vaccinations cause autism, there’s a cover up of a 42% unemployment rate, climate change is a Chinese hoax and John Miller was really Trump’s spokesperson in the 1990s. #AlternativeFacts #AlternativeRealty #CrazyTown

  8. Toni Hill says:

    Why this con man have not been impeached. How many times this man is going to lie to us

  9. Anybody Seen Richie? says:

    Dems/Libs are nothing but racist hate groups.

  10. Mike Jones says:

    What I find hilarious is how all the conservatives bitched about Obama having too much power as President and now they’re taking President Trump words as fucking gospel. What’s sad is that if he were to tweet out “All my supporters are idiots! I am ripping them off in the following ways…” then listed in multiple tweets just how he is getting over on them not only would they agree with him but they would also start to call themselves “Trumps Idiots” and would even go as far as to compliment him on his ability to trick them. That’s some cult level admiration.

  11. John Smith says:

    Paul Ryan’s face! Lol

  12. Emanyt Tihsa says:

    is this trending twice?

  13. James Davis says:

    Guess info wars and Levine are real news, who knew?

  14. Daddy Baggz says:

    who the fuck is john Oliver

  15. Cody Ingle says:

    It’s like the Easter bunny, I was led to believe it’s real so screw it it’s real.

  16. † Masterhp † says:

    The Russians did it!

  17. Duanqi Zhao says:

    ‘The trending system is so American! ‘—— Libtxxds.

  18. deusex machine says:

    this seems like ones of those good lucrative moment in business when you should consider to export tin foil to usa 🙂

  19. Ijaz Ahmed says:

    “I can’t believe Trump Tower was wire tapped! THIS IS MCCARTHYISM”

    “Uhh can you guys investigate to see if this is true?”

  20. Frank Riese says:

    Err … Trump does not write his own tweets. If you want to be down on the spelling, maybe he should fire someone. :3

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