Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The Lottery (HBO)

State lotteries claim to be good for education and the general wellbeing of citizens.
But are they? (Spoiler alert: No.)

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19 Responses

  1. Roger B says:

    I strongly advice to watch the full episode. As someone throws the fake
    salmon right in the John Oliver’s nuts!! And he takes it like a freaking
    champ… :D

  2. Abraham Williams says:

    The country would be so much better off if the $68 billion was just
    collected in taxes and went directly to funding infrastructure/etc.

  3. Murphy82nd says:

    As you mentioned NH being the first in the state lottery business, I feel
    it’s also relevant to mention that NH does also have state liquor stores.
    Those state liquor stores are the size of small grocery stores, and readily
    accessible from the highway (they have there own exits marked with very
    large signs). 

  4. Mike Butler says:

    I’ve been selling lottery at my gas station for 11+ years and can honestly
    say it has gotten much worse in the past 3 or so years. Adding more games
    and commercials. My store makes almost nothing on the sales unless said
    customer wins a jackpot. But what really grinds my gears is most players
    are deff low income and I see their Bridge Card (food stamps in MI). So my
    tax dollars buy their food but they can afford to gamble? Not to mention,
    lotto players usually create back ups and lines at registers, while they
    rattle off numbers. It is definitely a drug like addiction. What would
    happen if an alcoholic got free booze for life? 

  5. David Stachon says:

    Oh man, I love Grey Goose.

  6. poprox101 says:

    Wait, Nevada doesn’t have a lotto? Why not? Did the casino lobby step in
    and say “Whoa guys, stop cutting into our revenue?”

  7. TokenBlackman7 says:

    When DON’T capital gains and tax cuts benefit the upper 1%?

  8. imnotmike says:

    I bought a lottery ticket once, just so I could say that I’d bought one. I
    never bothered to check if I won though. I don’t even know where I would
    have gone to check. It simply wasn’t worth my time to find out something I
    already knew.

  9. Andrew Martin says:

    I don’t support gambling or the unethical lottery. But, the North Carolina
    Education Lottery gave me some money in my first year of college. It
    exists, but it could do more good for sure.

  10. ThatOnePixel says:

    There’s a very simple solution people: STOP BUYING LOTTERY TICKETS! I can
    understand that some people are desperate for money and they’re forced to
    resort to the lottery but otherwise it’s not that difficult to not play the

  11. Илья Найдов says:

    Шанс выиграть в лотерею чуть чуть увеличивается, если купить лотерейный

  12. RossZ428 says:

    It’s really weird how specific he was saying I could buy a ’98 Mazda,
    seeing as I do have one.

  13. Immortal 2113 says:

    “Just another Brick in the Wall”

  14. Winged Hussar says:

    Fuck Capitalism and Corporatism, people should have the right to decide the
    future of their country and be happy with their lives. That’s why I’m a
    democratic socialist

  15. Cotoia says:

    Thanks for the spoiler alert callback. 

  16. 木星からの脱出 says:

    Lottery is tax for dumb people.

    The odds of getting hit by a truck when collcting your winnings is greater
    than than winning them in the first place. So poor people with little or no
    education keeps the lottery going. And serving good money back to schools
    and whatever.

  17. TeacherJoseph says:

    this is why here in canada lottery sales earnings go to non-profit
    oranizations, not general government spending.

  18. mbrant02 says:

    Anyone read 1984?

  19. galeop says:

    I guess the point of this video is to tell poor people not to waste their
    money in lottery. I think that’s something that is over-told.
    The persons with financial difficulties I know don’t waste their money on
    lottery, but they waste money on their car. If they had a bicycle instead,
    they would not have any problem with money.