Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Turkey Pardoning (Web Exclusive)

Turkey pardoning is a weird tradition.
They’re basically all guilty…of being delicious.

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19 Responses

  1. xgeneric99 says:

    I’m Jon Oliver and I blame this on the Jews.

  2. doomdoging says:

    i have never had good turkey i usally find it dry

  3. Sindre Søride says:

    Turkeys are just boring chickens

  4. Sumer Bone says:

    I want all of that….way more often then I get.

  5. darikai219 says:

    @bballercheetahfan3 well,to be fair, Jon Stewart has been at this for a lot
    longer then John Oliver, although this John has been on Jons show
    repeatedly, I’d say he hasn’t exactly sat in the big chair long enough to
    handle all that weight just yet. Perhaps he had other projects he was
    working on. Who knows?

    Maybe sitting in the big chair for the first time was overwhelming. Idk.
    I’m falling asleep as im typing this out. Imma stop.

  6. Abhishek Dullur says:

    Best anchor I know

  7. Brooks .Anderson says:

    Did he just say, “We’ll be back in February”? I can’t live till February
    without Last Week Tonight.

  8. Fuelled by Hate says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  9. Emil Pukšec says:

    Sorry i’m not in American and i don’t have a program to watch you so please
    update as much as you can to youtube because your one of the things that
    keeps my week brighter. <3

  10. Richie Lomas says:

    The man who passes the sentence should swing the cleaver…

  11. Cezary Jurewicz says:

    umm, yeah. go vegan!

  12. Mulla Nasrudin says:

    I’d like to thank The Great Mystery for the earth and it’s abundance on
    this native American holiday of Thanksgiving…
    Peace-out. (;

  13. Wait What says:

    Oh, I want all of that, John… ALL of it..

  14. pickyourday says:

    Motherf… week is passed and only 2 minutes video uploaded. I demand 1
    video every week! Otherwise ill print your channel out, stick it in
    sandwich and eat it! Twice!

  15. pyronixe says:

    How he get an audience for a 2 minute video while on hiatus?

  16. chirb008 says:

    February?! D=

  17. Abhirut Gupta says:

    Back in Feb? :(

  18. OldSchoolHylian says:

    If you’re gonna complain about last week tonight not being back until
    february direct it at hbo. They’re calling the shots.

  19. Mazen El-Araissi says:

    Check out this video on YouTube: