Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Washington DC Statehood (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Washington DC Statehood (HBO)

Washington DC experiences taxation without representation. It’s also missing from rhyming state songs. John Oliver and a group of singing children fix one of these problems.

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20 Responses

  1. katsist says:

    I was thinking about kicking out Texas or Mississippi. 

  2. Nogainsnodames says:

    Getting tired of all this Florida crap.

  3. Zack McClean says:

    I’m not going to lie, I got chills when Eleanor lost her shit.

  4. Juan Vilorio says:

    Well, goodbye Florida 

  5. Advent3546 says:

    As a Floridian, I approve of that song.

  6. Maayan Brodsky says:

    Has anyone turned the song at the end into a ringtone yet?

  7. Crimefridge says:

    Why not just make DC part of Virginia..?

  8. Lavalot says:

    So, what I get from this is “kick out Florida”… sounds fine to me!

  9. 7orqu3 says:

    Conservatives are killing that country its beyond comical at this point

  10. MrPsygo says:

    If anything we should remove Mississippi. It’s pure garbage. Most
    religions, fattest population, 1# poorest, 46 in education, 1st in teenage
    pregnancies, 50th in state health care, but they do produce the majority of
    catfish consumed in the US. So there’s that.

  11. john john sanchez says:

    Why Florida I love it here 

  12. Eli Dahlke says:

    Why don’t we get rid of New Mexico instead of Florida? New Mexico
    contributes literally nothing to America.

  13. Kaapo Hämeenaho says:

    Lets kick out texas and maine too…

  14. Dinuial says:

    The reason D.C. isn’t a state is the founding fathers didn’t want one state
    to have power over the others. That and some of their other reasoning makes
    sense, but it’s absolutely ridiculous that a major metropolitan area has to
    play “mother may I” to the federal government over and above anything every
    other city, county, or state in the country has to deal with. We don’t want
    to give one city disproportionate power and representation in the federal
    government, fine. But lets at least grant the city government and residents
    of D.C. the same rights and level of autonomy as every other city in the

  15. emptycorp says:

    And yet more proof that libtards are ideologically inconsistent and
    hypocrites. Here Oliver states that the congress is treating D.C. like
    children and objecting to it and only showing republican representatives
    and completely seeming oblivious to the fact that the LEFT wants MORE
    government and the right and libertarians want LESS. The libtards do NOT
    believe that american adults are adults and instead treats them like
    children. You are too stupid to know how to deal with money (give to those
    who need or manager your own retirement), so let’s force you to pay more
    and more taxes to give to poor people who vote for us and live freely off
    your money as well as pay more and more to bankrupt ponzi schemes we
    created such as social security and medicare. You are too stupid to know
    how to raise your children so if we don’t like it we’ll send CPS to take
    them away and have the state raise them. You are too stupid to know how to
    handle guns, even though more than 85% of gun violence here is by cops
    against people or gangs/criminals against people. You are too stupid to do
    anything so let’s take more of your money to fund more and more government
    programs that needlessly waste more money than you can even comprehend,
    again because you’re too stupid, and don’t worry we’ll make everything
    better for the poor and not the rich or middle class because those are the
    people who vote for us. Wake the fuck up liberals and realize fiscally
    conservative and small government is the only path to save this country aka
    Libertarian. Libertarians are already with you on socially liberal, just
    not so far as creating more and more government to manage those things;
    leave them up to the states or not laws at all.

  16. Stephan Dupont says:

    I live in Florida John. I’m not amused.

  17. anti0918 says:

    He spends most of the segment complaining about how Congressmen treat DC
    residents like children, who shouldn’t be allowed to control their budget
    or legalize marijuana. But then he complains when Congress tried to
    legalize semi-automatic gun ownership in DC – a right that most other
    states have.

    Then he has kids sing a song with the line, “let them have gun laws, let
    them have weed.”

    Notice that gun bans are treated as a right like marijuana possession. So
    which is it – are they children or adults? o.O

  18. Mike Keller says:

    The big production finale was awesome!

  19. bbluva20 says:

    +bbluva20 (Source: I live in florida, we are but a stone’s throw away from
    airboat bandits ruling the streets and a plague of mosquitoes devouring the
    old and sick.

  20. Neal X says:

    Unfortunate that John didn’t mention the elephant in the room behind the
    resistance to D.C. statehood: conservative racism and fear of increasing
    Democratic electoral vote totals in presidential elections.