Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Whitewashing (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Whitewashing (HBO)

With the academy awards coming up, Last Week Tonight asks: Hollywood whitewashing…how is this still a thing?

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20 Responses

  1. NoDogmaMama says:

    C’mon…the audacity of white comic book nerd millenials freaking out when
    a black person plays a white role or even a role that is not race specific
    is the epitome of white privilege. White frankly,it’s sickening to see and
    read about so much racism coming from what should be a smarter more evolved
    demographic. Yes, I’m sick of the light skinned latinos always playing lead
    roles and the dark latinos playing fucking maids and other worker roles,
    even worse playing “chicano” gangsters with long shirts and long socks-no
    one fucking dresses like that anymore and no American hispanic kids talk
    like that anymore.

  2. Balsac Teabaghar says:

    which is funny because hollyweird is the most liberal place on the planet

  3. Emmanuel Pader says:

    next on “How was this still a Thing?”… The Evolution of Aspect Ratio.

  4. Fals3Agent says:

    Oh look, white people disliking this video. How surprising!

  5. Julian Webb says:

    Why is everyone jumping on Ridley Scott for his comments? He’s kindve
    right, it’s a lot harder to sell a movie to a studio with no name Egyptian
    actors than well established actors like Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton!
    It failed at the box office because it was a bad movie, NOT because it had
    a “whitewashed” cast.
    Also that Tom Cruise jab was weak, now everyone’s gonna think the movie is
    saying that he’s the Last Samurai, and they’re actually talking about ALL
    the Samurai. We see the events through Toms eyes, as he discovers more
    about this warrior sect, we do as well.

    Also it’s not like Egyptian gods were fucking real, no one complained when
    Morgan Freeman played God.

  6. Vladen Pain says:

    This program is turning into “Social Justice Warriors Tonight” incredibly
    Let’s hope South Park is right and this still exists when the PC wave dies
    out once more.

  7. FanaticDz says:

    Are you kidding me? Now you are upset realizing Hollywood movies being pure
    fiction? What about the locations? What about the FX? What about the whole
    fucking movie industry being absolutely dependent on perpetuating of lies?
    Wha tabout actors not being the characters but only pretending to be?

    OMG get life. :-D

  8. Yaqbul Yakkerbat says:

    Honestly I disagree with a decent amount of this but it doesn’t bug me save
    for one thing. Your “Last Samurai” comparison? The premise of the movie is
    an American discovers and accepts Japanese Culture after being captured in
    Battle, he is SUPPOSED to be white. Normally you guys are wonderful for
    truthful comedy parodying our backwards society, but on occasion you drop a

  9. pigs18 says:

    It’s still a thing because white people don’t spend money to go to films
    with minority casts yet because it’s so entwined in our culture, minorities
    are expected to go to films with primarily Caucasian casts. George Lucas
    had difficulty finding financing for Red Tails because investors told him
    that they considered it a “black” film. Hollywood is controlled by the
    investors and the investors are motivated by numbers, not sentiment. The
    reason that there isn’t more diversity in the Oscar nominations is simply
    because Americans won’t spend their money to see minority actors.

  10. Russell Paterek says:

    I really hope independent films grow substantially in quality. This will
    be a solid remedy to Hollywood. Kung Fury > Gods of Egypt

  11. Milk says:

    How big of an idiot are you? Race bating is for racist bigoted cowards with
    no brain. unscribed!

  12. JordoF6 says:

    Persians are Caucasians like Europeans are and like Indians are and like
    Arabs are. If a European descendant actor can tan enough they can play
    Arabs and Persians without a fuss. There is no official consensus on what
    race the ancient Egyptians actually were so Caucasian actors can play the
    roles as can black people. Also stop be hypocritical, Idris elba played a
    friggin Norse god, black and brown asian people playing medieval
    anglo-saxon people in Doctor who. Black and oriental vikings in Vikings TV

  13. Olivia McDonagh says:

    The way I see it, as long as it’s cast logically, I don’t care: the
    character’s white? Cast someone white. The character’s black? Cast them
    black. The character’s Asian or or from the Puerto Rican? Weeell you know
    where you need to look for the actor/actress. Don’t get me wrong, I
    understand the issues with selling a film; you need to convince people to
    see it, so using big names is always going to be preferred (like when they
    cast Belgian Audrey Hepburn instead of English Julie Andrews to play Eliza
    Doolittle because she was more well known), but there’s a surplus of actors
    and actresses these days, from all walks of life. Besides, the big name
    doesn’t necessarily have to be the actor – I’d be more than happy to see a
    film full of unknown people if it was made by… let’s say J.J Abrams, and
    had a few big names in supporting role- Oh wait a minute, sorry that’s Star
    Wars I’m thinking of, isn’t it?

    Seriously though, as long as the film’s accurate, I really don’t think it
    matters who’s in the role. Take Marvel for example; to be perfectly honest,
    in the same way I’d be pissed off if they cast a white guy as Black
    Panther, or an Asian guy as Nick Fury, I’d be equally annoyed if they cast
    an Indian as Natasha Romanoff, or a Mexican as Charles Xavier. Unless of
    course it’s something like the Broadway show Hamilton where they’re
    deliberately making a point, in which case power to you!

    ….basically, for tips on how NOT to cast a film, just sit through Avatar:
    The Last Airbender. Shyamalan could not have got that more backwards if he
    tried. _;

  14. Emaan Wilson-Parson says:


  15. izryanhougland says:

    between this and the gender pay gap I’m done LWT

  16. Kev Arnold says:

    Jews cast and make the bad movies whites get blamed for racism. Whites
    accomplish great things now same jews are suddenly white.

  17. Brain Rush says:

    Whites still account for like 85% of ticket sales and 90% of concession
    sales. So, yeah, Hollywood sells to whites. Why the hell shouldn’t they?
    Frankly, movies should be MORE white, not less.

  18. Atom Man says:

    I watched a movie called The Dead Lands on Netflix about the Maori
    warriors.. I liked it very much.. I remember thinking to myself… finally,
    a movie where white people can stay off… and in the end, I found out that
    there were a couple of white people in there.. motherfuckers.. they have no

  19. Pulak Kumar says:

    That’s a legitimately tough question.

  20. Lucas Pigliavento says:

    I think it’s funny that when hunger games came out people were pissed rue
    was black even though she’s black in the book ????? It doesn’t even make