LaToya Cantrell elected mayor of New Orleans

LaToya Cantrell elected mayor of New Orleans

LaToya Cantrell addresses the gathering at her election party at the New Orleans Jazz Market in Central City after being elected the first female of the city of New Orleans on Saturday, November 18, 2017.

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87 Responses

  1. Boomer5150 says:

    New Orleans is fucked!

  2. Eschaton Zenith says:

    A dumb hot chocolate mess.

  3. Theophilus L says:

    New Orleans already has the demonic Mardi gras I pray this lady serves the LORD

  4. Susie Que says:

    First thing you need to do to improve the City, is move it to someplace above sea level.

  5. M R says:

    Chocolate city 2.0

  6. Josh Plewa says:

    Run your “chocolate city” without White Tax Dollars!

  7. Great Owl says:

    Brace yourself for more crime and corruption in New Orleans. I urge people to stop going there.

  8. BiggusDickus ThePussyWrecker says:

    Great, a black angry woman to bleed all over the city. *Sighs* Why is the kitchen so empty these days?

  9. Michael Bell says:

    Butt-hurt white people in the comments below.

  10. Edward Martinez says:

    New Orleans will be broke in a month, say goodbye this woman can’t even speak! War!

  11. Be Nice says:


  12. MrPfosse says:

    A women yelling into a mic sourounded by a pack of Feminists. Sound familiar Hillary twits ? corruption time again for new Orleans.

  13. TruckerExile E says:

    I voted for her and I’m white, I find it hilarious seeing these trumptards in the comment section butthurt about it, lame mofos

    • truthseekr420 j says:

      dracson237 no its because she felt the need to tell the world she is white and voted for a black person, like that’s something that doesn’t happen all the time.

    • Fatty Patty con no papi says:

      TruckerExile E fuck up you got carried to flawless your shit and your a Libtard

    • Tommy Jarvis says:

      Zeke Farmsteader
      Trumptards =/= Alt Right
      Trumptard is a whole party by itself, the Alt Right suffers from the Trumptards because trump the retard said he was Republican which in fact he himself is a Trumptard

    • Van Allen says:

      truthseek420 j I know right XD Anyone that did a quick google search on the New Orleans election would know that BOTH candidates were black women! Lmao people are too funny.

    • Alex Smith says:

      I know right instead of saying Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, they will now say latoya latoya! Freaking trumptards

  14. Odious Ktenology says:

    Oh. Great.

    A sheboon mayor…Named “Latoya”.

    There goes the neighborhood.

    I’d like to apologize to the hard working people that live there. Prepared to sit back as the “thugs” walk into your home, and bank account, and remove everything you own.

    Never let a person of that “type” have power.

    Have we not learned?

  15. docbar says:

    Every time a black Democrat wins mayor the city turns to complete shit. This will be No exception.

  16. Dragon Knight 4.5 says:

    ah even more deception and Corruption ??

  17. Matteo C says:

    6k trending, are you fucking kidding me?

    • Van Allen says:

      And it’s a day old. And no one cares about New Orleans…

    • Half-Nerd Half-Something Else says:

      Matteo C
      Exactly. White supremacists bullshit if I ever heard of it.

      They’re pumping this diversity thing up to suppress the black riots. It won’t work. Everyone knows black politicians have been bought and sold 100 times before the first ballot was ever tossed. The black community will still look like shit in New Orleans.

    • baba BZNZ says:

      Matteo C the CEO of YouTube is a hardcore feminist women 🙂

  18. trueboss926 says:

    Congratulations libtards

  19. Declan Botwinick says:

    Why the hell is this trending

  20. Thomas The Sexually Frustrated Tank Engine says:

    lets not like her just cause she is black and a women. lets look at merit. also for new orleans since it has so much crime,people shoudlnt be allowed to have kids there who might suffer from crime. u have no right forcing some 1 to be poor or in a high crime neighborhood.

    • Kineridge says:

      Thomas The Sexually Frustrated Tank Engine “lets not like her just she’s black” that’s the exact OPPOSITE what’s happening in the comments section.

    • Alex Liu says:

      So you want to force even bigger government on people? Forget about allowing abortions, you’re planning on not allowing births at all? That won’t go well with many Christians (let alone rational people) considering the act of creating life is sacred.

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