Latto – Soufside (Official Video)

Latto – Soufside (Official Video)

Latto – “Soufside” // Out Now
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30 Responses

  1. ՏᏆᎡᎬᏀᎪᎡ 91 says:

    Fact: Latto is making everyone’s day so much better with her song

  2. Wendy Hamilton says:

    I can’t wait! I love how you drop songs!! Fave female artist!

  3. Lon Johnson says:

    I am definitely a BigLatto fan 😏, she has bars and consistency 💯. ✋🏾not to mention She FINE af 😻

  4. Kai Will says:

    i LOVEEEE when she raps hard, it shows she’s not the ones to play with #QUEENOFTHESOUF

  5. Jeselle C. says:

    love that she always shows luv to where she’s from and reps it 100% ‼️

  6. Robyn Thomas says:

    I really enjoy and appreciate music that praises and acknowledges where these artists literally came from. One day I hope to be able to inspire a child from my town to achieve more than our city offers. That’s what I hear being promoted in songs like this.

  7. IAmErickaJ. Channel says:

    Wow, I fucking love this song!

  8. MAN_ON_WHEELZ says:

    Not too often do rap videos give you this much imagery to help understand what they’re actually rapping about. I actually really appreciated that! Thank you! Too often I can’t appreciate new rap music cause I have no clue what the hell they’re even talking about. Now I know exactly where on the “soufside” you’re referring to, apparently ATL-College Park area, I’m from Chicago and I’ve actually been there! Good song!

  9. Naimah Thomas says:

    I have to give Big Latto her props, I’m from the era( 80s,90s) of Legendary Hip Hop Mc’s and Latto is a Mc not rapper there is a difference 😐💯🖋🎤. I predict her having a long career and possibly being a Hip Hop legend herself if she stays the course and keep pushin out bangers. Her delivery, punchlines, metaphors and entendres are on point😌👍🏻. Nowadays some in her gen don’t put the effort into lyrics and she does.

  10. Joseph Gover says:

    Monica look like a supportive auntie😭💙 love her

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