Latto Suprises Fans With Mariah Carey At Her BET Performance | BET Awards ’22

Latto Suprises Fans With Mariah Carey At Her BET Performance | BET Awards ’22

Watch Latto Perform the remix to her hit song on the 2022 BET Awards stage alongside the ICONIC Mariah Carey, Champagne & Young Dirty Bastard! #BETAwards #CulturesBiggestNight #Latto #MariahCarey

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36 Responses

  1. Jzon Azari says:

    Latto had the biggest moment of the night. She’s worked hard for this. Mariah was the cherry on top. A legend that doesn’t just co-sign just anyone either.

  2. Sassy Diva says:

    Latto and Chloe’s performances were my fav ☺️ It gave what it was supposed to give!! And who won Best Female Hip Hop artist? 😩 They sure skipped that category this year

  3. Sherlene A says:

    The fact that she literally gave Mariah her flowers, BIG respect for Latto! It was a great performance!

  4. C E says:

    Our queen MARIAH came out for 25 seconds and shut it down and exited stage LEFT. She’s probably on a private JET now flying to an exotic island and we love that for her. Best performance of the night and kudos to Latto for giving her her literal FLOWERS. We love to see it..

  5. Cynthia Hall says:

    Love they had Old Dirty Bastard’s son come out to rep his dad, Mariah’s original song is a classic. I’m glad Latto gave her her flowers and respect, epic performance ♥️

    • Tiffany Thomas says:

      Love when they sample a legend and then put them on by saying, no me without you and that makes the song harder with the original fans and the new generations music descend through time.

    • sherwin76502 says:

      @Care Bear Everyone knows Big Energy sampled Genius of Love. I think she meant that this song and particularly this performance interpolated with Mariah’s own song Fantasy (which happened to use the same sample).

    • Tebogo Kgoadi says:

      @Towanda Thomas That’s the song by Pras not Maria’ song

    • Care Bear says:

      That’s not really Mariah’s song. She sampled that from the song Genius of love.

    • starlightzebra1997 says:

      Mariah Carey is the best writer and singer in the industry. She deserves her flowers.

  6. Zenobia hill says:

    Yes Latto!! Mariah came out & I cried ! Such a huge fan & to see her … LIT me up! With all she had been through especially with her voice and now she did so amazing 😻! Proud of these women !!

  7. Let'sTalkAboutIt Much says:

    I started crying a lil bit when MiMi came out. That woman was lit my whole childhood and young adult hood. You don’t realize until you get a little bit older how ingrained these people really are in some of the most important phases of your life. Anyway Great Job Lotto and Ms. Mariah baby❤🙌🏾

  8. Cutey Nurse says:

    QUEEN MARIAH!!! She hit that note!! Love how Latto gave her her flowers.

  9. Conie Juu says:

    Latto is so talented and she oozes stage presence! Sean Bankhead NEVER disappoints with his choreography and shoutouts to the dancers for killing it! The Mariah Carey moment had me screaming! That was beyond major!

  10. Natalie M. says:

    I legit love love Mariah seeing her still soo relevant and on stage is everything!!! She still soo iconic I love her!!!! 😍😍😍😍

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