Lauren London gives emotional tribute to Nipsey Hussle

Lauren London gives emotional tribute to Nipsey Hussle

Actress Lauren London spoke at the memorial service for her longtime boyfriend, rapper Nipsey Hussle. The service took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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  1. Liquid Cane Carthen says:

    That type of love they share is so rare…You can’t take from God!

  2. Angela Harris says:

    Beautiful speech Lauren…Nipsey is so proud of u …. I know it took alot 4 u 2 make this beautiful speech. . God bless u and your kids… ?

  3. frizza241 says:

    This should have been a beautiful wedding….not a funeral…R.I.P Nip.

  4. adda plaster says:

    Marathon continues. Invest in your family and community. RiP Nipsey

  5. Salome Kabinga says:

    You’ve been my turn up & my church ??
    This was hard for her to do??
    RIP, Nipsey❤❤

  6. Gwapo D says:

    “Until we meet again” pheww gives you chills so sad?

  7. Conscious Gentile says:

    Never knew Nipsey. Not a fan of rap music.

    And I am in tears…

    RIP Brother!

    Ask God to have mercy on us ?

    • Keyboard FreedomFighter says:

      not a fan of rap music. Never heard of Nipsey until March 31 this year. I’m not in tears, but he apparently tried to help the community. That’s good to hear. Now, if we can get this same kind of energy OUTSIDE of the rap community, we wouldn’t have to worry about this type of violence so much having such a grand effect.

  8. Damé Dinero says:


  9. Shana H says:

    Yeah she taking it hard… can see it through them shadez….sorry 4yr pain!!!! May God Bless You?

  10. Destiny Brown says:

    You know you had an impact when they stream your funeral on national television #TheMarathonContinues ❤️ #LongLiveHussle ☝?

  11. Nicole Lobatos says:

    Until we meet again the marathon countinues gave me chills anyone else feel it ???

  12. Negus Negus says:

    Lighting sage early in the am …. Nip had good energy. R.i.p good brother

  13. Hollywood Hawkins says:

    “The game is gonna test you..never fold because its not on you its in you & whats in you they cant take away” -Nipsey Hussle

    a true legend in my eyes.

  14. Dakon 1610144 says:

    All Love from Senegal West Africa.
    Lauren Nipsey and Kids❤

  15. Kentucky Bred says:

    Lauren and Nip’s love *IS* something that will *NEVER* die.

    *R.I.P NIP*

  16. Ms. Ambitious313 says:

    Her Euology was so beautiful I’ve been crying all day watching and trying to watch this at work. I feel like I felt the spirit through my body as she spoke about her King, like she said he is within us all. Sleep easy KING and Fly High.

  17. Chicago773 Williams says:

    This hurts watching this. Wish they coulda got married and grew old together.. the marathon continues ??

  18. Lady T's family values says:

    After she finished i was like ✔ mate. Mic dropped. ?. For some reason it seem like he prepared her for this. She was so strong to stand there and deliver the way she did. True soldier girl. #londonandnipsey4life ?❤?

    • Mo Webster says:

      Lady T’s family values I believe that…a lot of times people with his aura will say that they know when they are going to leave earth.

  19. Twin N Inches says:

    When she said ” The Marathon Continues” every hair on my body stood UP ?

  20. 0.0M views says:

    Lauren London is wearing white. That’s symbolic. ? ?

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