Laurie Hernandez breaks down what went wrong during Simone Biles’ vault | Tokyo LIVE | Peacock

Laurie Hernandez breaks down what went wrong during Simone Biles’ vault | Tokyo LIVE | Peacock

Tokyo LIVE is streaming every morning during the Olympics on Peacock:

Watch this segment of Tokyo LIVE where Laurie Hernandez discusses Simone Biles’ vault prior to her withdrawal from the women’s gymnastics team final.

About Tokyo LIVE: Streaming from 6:00 am – 11:00 am, the Peacock Olympic morning show features live look-ins on the action in Tokyo and coverage of events like gymnastics and track & field. Hosted by Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila.

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36 Responses

  1. rhemy1 says:

    I’m shocked she puts herself in such a bind over a mistake. Mistakes happen. She doesn’t have to explain to anyone or feel bad about anything. Last year before the Olympics was canceled she said she didn’t have anything to prove this is for her. That should have been her mindset throughout. Just her being there 5 years later is an accomplishment none of those people there can match. Her next interview should be her standing in front of a wall with all her medals since childhood lamenting how one day in 2021 she made a mistake that she couldn’t come back from mentally.

    • Cabrini Copia says:

      hahah I hear you! It’s just that the rest of the world does not agree on everything so many many people will be terrible to her for this, especially on the internet, humans, what can you do?

    • rhemy1 says:

      @Cabrini Copia I just like to see her perform and I think she will regret letting everything else get between her and her craft. The sad part is that I’m sure even with the mistakes she will still get a gold in something and medal in everything. She should go out there and tell everyone she is just competing for the bronze and call it a day.

    • JoeGator23 says:

      @Cabrini Copia What can you do? Your job… for your team, country, family and fans. Who cares if you have a bad day?
      Champions do not quit… she became woken, got broken. And did it to herself and took the easy way out, pawning for sympathy. Honestly, many saw this coming.

    • Cabrini Copia says:

      @JoeGator23 I’m glad you used the word champion when you described Biles, I agree with that, she is a CHAMPION

  2. Art Olivas says:

    takes a lot to be a champion.

  3. Jay Anaiz says:

    She’s human❤️

    • L K says:

      Yes! Even the greatest basketball players miss the shot sometimes. Just more noticeable & impactful in some sports – gymnastics included, bc you only get one shot.🥺
      Still The GOAT

    • Leoo Dias says:

      Not GOAT and stop with this a cult slang lol

    • Ch Cand says:

      Lol when she messes up she’s “human” when she wins she the goat , why not just admit she can’t handle the pressure. I hope she doesn’t compete for herself in AA after Walking away from her teammates. Many other gymnasts had meltdowns early on in competition and competed.

    • Gracie Elizabeth says:

      @Ch Cand of course she cant handle the worlds pressure for her to win. an interviewer cant get one sentence out about her without saying “the greatest of all time”. even tho it is true, she is still human at the end of the day. she needs to stop being a gymnastics trophy and take time for herself mentally. if i were her, i wouldve quit after the 2016 olympics literally from the pressure.

    • L K says:

      @Ch Cand Can’t handle the pressure?! Lol, she creates pressure for herself intentionally. She pushes herself beyond the limits of what everyone else is doing…5 skills named after her that noone else can do, creates skills that didn’t exist & had to be added to the point system, 35 medals (25 gold), 5 medals just from ’16 Olympics – more than any other female gymnast in history. Can’t handle pressure…please.

  4. Betzy says:

    Wow Laurie Hernandez did a great job explaining more of her please

  5. Sarah Schultz says:

    Laurie needs to be an official commentator!

  6. Kelsey Teter says:

    My heart is broken for her. I’ve loved every minute of getting to see her DOMINATE. I hope so much she recovers quickly and we get to see so much more of her incredible talent.

    • Matt says:

      She quit on her team no excuse

    • Joe Cool Berry says:

      Ya it wasn’t even an injury, if she is the Goat of gymnastics that shouldn’t happen

    • J M says:

      @Matt It’s my understanding that she was concerned she’d mess up the other events she was supposed to compete and cost the team a chance of getting any medal at all. She made the judgement call to not continue because she honestly believed the team had a better chance of medaling without her

  7. meeka shantel says:

    Something is wrong with Simone it’s showing in her face. She looked troubled over something. That’s the second time I have noticed that look on her face. We need to support our USA athletes representing the USA and not bring them down.
    No matter what they have what it takes to even be at the olympics.

    • A G says:

      It’s called* pressure

    • Jessica 9812 says:

      I think it could also be due to the immense pressure, hype and exposure from the media. Feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders could mess anyone up and cause a lot of stress and anxiety

    • Angela Samuel says:

      @Jessica 9812 I completely agree with you. This young lady is HUMAN. Everyone has off days.

    • MadeleineQ says:

      Well said. I can’t imagine what she’s going through. Poor thing.

    • T K says:

      AMEN! Maaan… you should SEE some of the crazy comments people are making on these videos! I thought we were ALL the USA but I guess we are until… a mistake is made at the Olympics… This is some real HATE on these videos! Thanks for the positivity

  8. Laura Savino says:

    Why can’t we get more commentators like Laurie Hernandez to explain what is going on? Great job!

  9. Calligraphy by CT says:

    She is absolutely an athlete that will never be eclipsed in terms of what she’s accomplished. Eight years of never losing a meet is unreal and she has nothing left to prove. Still the GOAT in my eyes.

  10. J R says:

    Perhaps it’s because there is no audience and that is messing with the morale of so many athletes that depend on that to draw energy from. It’s like we all were feeling during lockdown. Disconnection. No one to perform for with immediate feedback.

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