Lavar Ball & Sons On Family Business, Discipline, Donald Trump + More

Lavar Ball & Sons On Family Business, Discipline, Donald Trump + More

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75 Responses

  1. MrEman2639 says:

    I love Lavar but man you can tell melo don’t want to go overseas..looks genuinely sad

    • I'm Your Huckleberry says:

      MrEman2639 Its called sacrificing. If he wants to be the best then he has to put in the work. A lot of kids go to other countries to study, this isn’t any different.

    • Markus Dickinson says:

      MrEman2639 I don’t think it’s frustrating him playing overseas. I think he frustrated being a packaged deal with his bro. He has to like carry him and lower his possibly playing league to allow his brother to join. Stunting his growth

    • JjAllDay says:

      They live in L.A. who would want to move overseas to some weird ass place LoL

  2. Jason Gora says:


  3. Chris Gibson says:

    Lavar the realist. This interview is powerful. Shows what you can accomplish and overcome with the right mindset.

    • MrBBG98 says:

      Chris Gibson robbing your children of their experience of being in HS and UCLA? I don’t like to just flat put others thoughts down, but on your comment, it’s plain stupid.

    • Tone7580 says:

      MrBBG98 they weren’t robbed of anything. They were rewarded with getting a head start on their career they’ve always wanted. They didn’t have to wait for people to allow them to do what they want.

  4. Lithuania HQ says:

    We are waiting !

  5. Shoe Drip says:

    Charlamagne: What’s your shoe size?
    LiAngelo: What that mean?

  6. 36TY says:

    Every news outlet already posting something about the interview . This one’s gonna be a classic

  7. D Money says:


  8. Kalif Henry says:

    Lavar rockin that STAY IN YO LANE SHIRT ??

  9. Dee Y says:

    Man these kids need media training sheesh

  10. Tiara Hall Official says:

    I got so excited when this popped up on my subscription page ?

  11. milo miriam says:

    lavars vision???? much respect all the way from europe

  12. Cameron Williams says:

    Ain’t no plan B, if you 80% in plan A & 20% on plan B you ain’t 100% in! So don’t be mad if you don’t make it.
    -LaVar Ball

  13. Paapa Essel says:

    them kids made the interview hella awkward lmaoooooooo

  14. SkillzFromThe6 says:

    Man, I respect Lavar Ball so much.

  15. Fariko Pacer says:

    Charlemagne: Gelo is blue your favorite color?
    Gelo: yeah
    Charlamagne: why
    Gelo: purple

  16. NatuRealistic87 VeryKinkyCurl says:

    He is putting out the typical stereotype of a black household. Education is not important it’s all about shooting a ball run from responsibilities and discipline ! Ppl still support this shit smh y’all are just a ridiculous as this dude is. He is setting them up for failure. I wouldn’t have this clown no airtime

  17. How Rich Are They? says:

    Gelo n Melo lowkey sauced?

  18. Marcus M. says:

    Lavar Ball and his relationship with his sons is cool and strange at the same time!

    • Anthony Wilde says:

      Because he still runs that shit behind the cameras… but with love.. there is a lot of respect but yet they also listen

    • iAm Llerej says:

      It’s not strange bruh he’s a father Lmfaoooo it’s hard to balance being a friend and a father… He’s mastered it if you ask me.

  19. Joel Simpson says:

    Lamelo won this interview. He would have gotten in trouble if he answered those questions truthfully

  20. Spacely says:

    How are you on a college level but can’t answer if it was a strategic or emotional move?

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