LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) ‘Perfect Night’ OFFICIAL M/V with OVERWATCH 2

LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) ‘Perfect Night’ OFFICIAL M/V with OVERWATCH 2

Creative Director : NU KIM

Visual Creative Coordinating : Yujoo Kim
Style Directing : Yoon Cho, Soo Lee
Brand Experience Design : Yoovin Baek, Hyemin Yoo
Content Production : Yurok Jang, Jisoo Min

A&R : Kyuyoung Kim, Yujeong Kim, Soyoon Park, Myeongji Kim

Performance Directing : Soyeon Park
Assistant Directing : Soyoung Yoon

[ Animation Created by Blizzard Story and Franchise Development ]

Cinematic Director : Ben Dai
Producer : Krissie King
Editor : Joanna Griebel
Art Director : Anthony Eftekhari
DFX Sup : Dave Stephens

[ Music Video by MOTHER ]

Directed by Woogie Kim

Executive Producer: Katt Kim
Directing Dept: Kaya Paik
Production Dept Assistants: Stefanie Munck, Stanley Choo

Director Of Photography: Hyunwoo Nam
Focus Puller: Eunki Kim
2nd AC: Youngseo Park
3rd AC: Sangpil Kim
DIT: Hyunji Kim

Gaffer: Jeonghwan Heo (Kwang Light)
Lighting Team: Hoik Cho, Yun-sik Kim, Mingu Kang, Sungmin Lee, Soowon Son

Jimmy Jib Operator: Youngjoon Kim
Jimmy Jib Team: Hyunin Kim, Hojun Choi, Byungjong Kim

Techno Crane Team: Sangjo Lee, Jisoo Woo, Hak-seo Kim, Doyun Kim (Service Vision)

LED Show Light Director: Seong-gang Jeon (J-Show Company)
Show Light Team: Suyong Kim, Daeyeon Hwang, Woo-seok Jang, Hayeon Lee

Set Design / Art Director: Shin Hoseung (Roh House)
Art Dept Leader: Noh Ayeon
Art Dept: Seo Gayoung, Kim Minkyu, Kim Chohye, Lee Jinyoung , Kim Jiwoo, Park Inbeom

VFX Supervisor & 3D Artist: Chanhyung Chun
VFX Artist: Yujung Jang
2D Key & Rotoscoping: Chaeyeong Im, Uisoo Choi
Matchmove: Junseon Park

Production Team Leader: Dongwan Heo
Production Team: Yonghyun Yoo, Seulki Hong, Jonghoon Shim, Junun Park, Sunghyuk Kwon

SOURCE MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by SOURCE MUSIC, Seoul, Korea

Connect with LE SSERAFIM:
OFFICIAL YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs-QBT4qkj_YiQw1ZntDO3g
OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/le_sserafim/
OFFICIAL TWITTER https://twitter.com/le_sserafim
OFFICIAL JAPAN TWITTER https://twitter.com/le_sserafim_jp
OFFICIAL FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/official.lesserafim/
OFFICIAL WEVERSE https://weverse.onelink.me/qt3S/t2ra8uwj
OFFICIAL TIKTOK https://www.tiktok.com/@le_sserafim
OFFICIAL BILIBILI https://space.bilibili.com/627577002
OFFICIAL DOUYIN https://v.douyin.com/iJgLJpUp/
OFFICIAL SOUNDCLOUD https://soundcloud.com/le_sserafim_official

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20 Responses

  1. I Talk says:

    Brig looks amazing!

  2. Soyeon's_Bag says:

    Why does this give aesthetic workout-song vibes? I love it, lsfm slay every concept. One of the best kpop English singles!!! 🩷

  3. besta koushika says:

    “Perfect Night” is totally PERFECT!!!✨

  4. Maria Duran says:

    Omg I freaking love the vibes and the melody of this song 🩷😍 so magical and dreamy

  5. Liyana Fathima says:

    idk how to express my feelings, but this song is soothing in a way..i expect nothing less from lesserafim

  6. Dalknb says:

    LE SSERAFIM always surprises with another addictive song, there are so many charms that are highlighted through the visuals

  7. Svansce says:

    The design of the clothes and everything fits very well with the characters, really great.

  8. ♡naomi♡ says:

    LE SSERAFFIM did amazing with this single
    i had no idea the entire song would be in english, but i love that and the lyrics too
    it is PERFECT NIGHT indeed ❤
    ~yeah we flawless yeah we free~

  9. Get Oofed says:

    Eunchae and Kazuha shined alot in this one. Le Sserafim had no skip discography❤

  10. val says:

    i’m glad to hear more of sakura, she has such a pretty voice

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