Lead a Goose to Water

Lead a Goose to Water

A wild Canada Goose follows my truck on a gravel road so I lead it to Shinning Bank Lake (Alberta). Once there, it seem happy and stays.

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20 Responses

  1. Adam Katz says:

    this goose has been fed by humans..

  2. Dando Lox says:

    It acts as if it were somebody’s pet. I hope it’ll be all right. Hope you
    went to check on her.

  3. Viva Frei says:

    Andre, you should get an agency managing this video before people start
    ripping it off, reproducing it without your authorization, copying and
    reposting, etc., and so you can monetize this on YouTube and
    elsewhere…[edit] I see that people are already ripping it off on YouTube.

  4. escalprillo says:

    Is that the across the universe soundtrack? xD

  5. realtree692 says:

    can you add Maybe Tomorrow as the sound track to this video

  6. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    This is actually a teaser from “Drive 2” starring Ryan Gosling.

  7. EditingSports says:

    That’s awesome. Hard to believe this is real life.

  8. Tony L says:

    what the fuck lol this is awesome

  9. Harry Green says:

    One man and his goose vs the world

  10. haolejuice says:

    If you give a goose a cookie…..

  11. Reed81195 says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but seeing a lone goose is kinda sad.

  12. jackie lidey says:

    The Across the Universe soundtrack is awesome! Great video

  13. Atom Man says:

    I was sleeping-in one weekend… and about 7 AM a couple of geese were
    nesting in a small puddle of water near my bedroom window.. they kept
    screaming and yelling… it was so annoying.. I came out and attempted to
    chase ’em away but they kept coming back around me in circles… I figured
    they were new to the area and didn’t know were the pond was.. so I went
    back inside.. grabbed a few pieces of bread.. and kept leading them to the
    pound.. half way there.. they stopped… and went back.. I was so
    frustrated…. I went to the pond.. and tried to lead the other geese to
    the halfway point the other 2 geese wouldn’t go beyond.. but I also had to
    run back and make sure they didn’t retreat back to my area.. so kept going
    back and force feeding two groups of geese.. eventually.. when those 2 saw
    the other geese.. they moved forward to join them.. I had won.. and I had
    it on tape… but SUDDENLY two other geese that were on top of a roof
    swooped in and chased those 2 geese back.. then they chased the other geese
    back to the pond.. I was furious! flabbergasted! I had worked hard for
    almost 45 minutes trying to reconnect these geese and all of my acts have
    been undermined by two fucking bullies.. the big flock of geese went back
    to the pond.. and the other 2 annoying ones went back to the puddle of
    water near my bedroom.. and the 2 bullies casually went back to where they
    came from…. Fuck!

    I figured they were outcasts that were exiled and tried to figure out just
    what they did to deserve this… I knew one was male and the other a
    female.. so its not like it was 2 males trying to take the rest of the
    bitches.. maybe it was an unholy matrimony.. maybe they were diseased or
    maybe they had some sort of political ideas that weren’t compatible with
    the rest..

    I’ve since seen occasional exiles not being permitted to join the group…
    and some pretty cool fights.. albeit graphic..

    oh and btw.. I lost the phone with the footage..

  14. Atom Man says:

    you know what would have been awesome? if it was eaten by a fucking shark
    as soon as he led it into the water.. would have destroyed the man.. and
    made a cool plot twist.. Sharks in lakes.. Its possible.

  15. cold soda says:

    would be nice if this wasnt fake

  16. Ryan Carter says:

    that look the goose gives at 4:49

  17. SungJi Yoon says:

    what if it was the man pulling the goose out of the water and the mad goose
    chasing after this man

  18. Raymond K Petry says:

    Purple glow of your 4X4…? Got separated from its gaggle…? In summer
    camp we learned the survival rule—that if you’re lost in the deep woods,
    just look to the sky for the purple glow and walk toward it…till you
    reach the Safeway…

  19. Aprill LaBorde says:

    Amazing! That was a great video!

  20. Abdelrahman AK says:

    I like the song in the beginning, what was it?