Lead: The Original Artificial Sweetener

Lead: The Original Artificial Sweetener

Lead is really useful when you add it to things like paint and gasoline. Problem is, it’s also poisonous.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. jjparkrocks says:

    2:35 I was waiting for you to say “the part where it kills you” in a portal

  2. MrSparkzz says:

    So I’m guessing I probably should get some proper ventilation before I fire
    up my soldering iron again?

  3. Ze Rubenator says:

    The people of the past weren’t the brightest were they…

  4. Pokemonlin99 says:

    Try mercury. They thought it would make people immortal or at least prolong
    their life.

  5. lisa lavergne says:

    +Lemau its only used for small plane and there are so little of those
    flying around it doesnt matter

  6. edi says:

    There are two important things to consider:
    1) you talked mostly about chronic intoxication. Some poisones can be taken
    in ammounts that are well below the concentration where you see any effect,
    but it accumulates over time. Whereas in an accute case you can be treated
    (needs to be done fast)
    2) The lead uptake depends on its chemical form:
    >if you got solid lead in your body, you should rather worry about the
    bulletwound as it is poorly uptaken.
    >soluble salts like leadacetate are easily uptaken through digestion, but
    poorly through skin.
    >organic lead compounds go through the skin are especially dangerous to be
    inhaled. This is particularly true for tetraethyllead (in fuel). However
    once it is burned you get leadoxide which is much less likly to poison you.
    PS: cooking lead in vine was very smart as it removes vinegar and forms the
    sweet leadacetate. Thus it made wine much sweeter by two mechanisms (at the
    expense of your health)

  7. wholeNwon says:

    BADLY, not “bad”.

  8. Alian Haidar says:


  9. Feynstein100 says:

    This is pretty heavy to take in. Okay. Enough bad puns for today. I go now.

  10. TheYafaShow says:

    A leading health organization have released a new sweetener today for the
    diabetics who like to live life on the edge.

    The label reads “no added sugar, or is there?”

  11. Logan De Hoyos says:

    could you do a video of how smartphones work. Like texting, calling, and
    being able to play games.

  12. Devin Bruno says:

    They still use tetraethyl lead in fuel for small airplanes.

  13. Hunter Strait says:

    Lead is also really useful for shotgun rounds. It can kill pheasants and
    doves almost instantly, way faster and more powerful than steel shot. I’ve
    lost too many birds with steel shot (thanks to anti-gun and anti-hunting
    people), so at least lead has another good thing about it.

    <3 lead.

  14. Lars Jysereid says:

    Funny Note: They still sell leaded fuel in the US. (outside of race

    Nearly Every small piston aircraft is required to burn 100 octane Leaded

  15. Mark Howard says:

    Leaded gasoline is still in use today, although in much smaller quantities,
    airplane fuel. Not the fuel that goes into commercial jets, but many of the
    small prop planes like Cessnas and Pipers. +Lars Jysereid beat me to it!

  16. Bipp Spango says:

    Lead: The Other Natural Sweetener.because techacly there is nothing
    artifical about lead.

  17. Jaxom Vienonen says:

    Sweet eh? Time to taste my lead D&D figures

  18. Spike20101000 says:

    Red flag to a bull, I now want to go lick a chunk of lead to see how it

  19. my God is Yahweh says:

    And Superman can’t see through Lead. :-)

  20. William Bedard says:

    Wow, really great job showing all the present, past and ancient uses for
    lead! I had no idea how uhhh… versatile that element could be! You did
    a wonderful job in the presentation of this video. Keep up the great work!