Learning Ultimate Custom Night BLINDFOLDED

Learning Ultimate Custom Night BLINDFOLDED

“Blindfolded 50/20 WHEN??”

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Music used in this video (epidemic licensing)
Nintendo Revolution – Rolla Coasta
Shake Down – Jules Gaia
8-bit Win – VELDA
Blip Master – Jerry Lacey
Gotta catch that unicorn – Josef Bel Habib

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18 Responses

  1. Fraud Froglet says:

    This guy is a demon at fnaf games, sitting through all those clowns, neat fnaf world at x20 difficulty and now blindfolded ucn. Give this guy any task and he’ll do it in four hours or more.

  2. gamer_nl says:

    Tip: Toy Freddy in this game is kinda like foxy where you can ignore him the entire night and still win. After he loses his game, he has a 1/11 chance to kill you at every .5 second interval that you’re in the cameras. So if you are fast enough with ventilation resets there’s actually a decent chance he won’t be a problem.

  3. Protagonistical says:

    I’m a little deaf, so it’s amazing to me to see someone go so far in this game blindfolded and going off of sound cues and mouse position alone. You’re really impressive, Spiff!

  4. BOT Nature says:

    Man, i have so many good memories with this channel after only like a 1 year. I can tell how much work spigg puts in for these videos, keep it up man!

  5. RedZebraStripes says:

    I love this channel because no matter how repetitive something gets Spiff still keeps it entertaining. I never get bored watching an AstralSpiff video.

  6. Adel Cipher says:

    The amount of patience and determination Spiff has is beyond me, I’d rage quit in the first 10 minutes

  7. Duckie says:

    I love how Spiff progressively gets more and more blindfolded

  8. Mec Burna Blasta says:

    Toy Freddy, The Gamer, being the hardest character blindfolded oddly makes perfect sense.

  9. Red says:

    Man this must be wild to just be hearing and never knowing when the jumpscares are coming, and spiff is just solid

  10. LoliALF says:

    at some point ill love to see, spiff looks only at chat, and chat can see the game in this game
    sounds hilarious

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