Leave Something For The Rest Of Us, Bradley Cooper

Leave Something For The Rest Of Us, Bradley Cooper

Stephen gets a peek behind the curtain on the making of ‘A Star is Born’ with its director and star, Bradley Cooper. ‘A Star is Born’ director and star Bradley Cooper

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49 Responses

  1. x R says:

    Love this man ? Was waiting for a Bradley and Stephen interview! Also, loved how they played Shallow as he walked out, haha!

  2. Nunya Business says:

    All that talent and he’s an Eagles fan too. And he’s sexy AF. Gotta love him.

  3. Pals C says:

    Bradley Cooper is one of the finest actor in Hollywood.

  4. the king of cool says:

    He mentioned Hal Ashby and Sidney Lumet.

  5. Pals C says:

    There’s something about his raspy voice and his personality that I couldn’t resist being a fan of him.

  6. January Baby says:

    This was pretentious, but in the best possible way. For anyone who loves film, this was a treat, what a dude

    • Kato9Tailz OwKneeAune says:

      January Baby I wish he was
      really following me on Twitter, gol.
      Though the person says they are him &
      I hv some verified, lots of fake accounts.
      He looks like an older James Galle… it’s a last name.
      #DonnieDarko… cute.

    • January Baby says:

      Are you ok?

    • Kato9Tailz OwKneeAune says:

      January Baby …… ??

      Never mind………. wow…..
      Do you know wrote to begin with?

      Without looking it up can you tell me what the word pretentious means?
      What does it mean to you to love film?

      Then all I can think of to say again is wow.
      Then you felt the need to ask me if I’m OK?

      … HAHAHA …. TAKE CARE ?

    • Natalie Zayas-Bazan says:

      It was not pretentious at all what are you talking about? The definition of pretentious is when someone speaks about more than what they know in an effort to impress. The man KNOWS WHAT HES TALKING ABOUT.

    • January Baby says:


  7. Sai Chaitanya says:

    I love when legendary and highly talented Actor meets the legendary and the best Late Night host.????

  8. Smokes901 says:

    I just saw him have an interview all in FRENCH………………..Damn this guy is talented!

  9. Jason Lee says:

    Bradley Cooper is one of the good guys in Hollywood. Massive success and he stays humble.

    • Dharmabum9287 says:

      B Dub my mom runs a dual diagnosis treatment center, met addicts my entire life. Your victimizing attitude and acting like they are poor weak people is what keeps them poor and weak. My attitude of holding them accountable and treating them as a normal person is how they recover.

      Tell me what else I don’t know douche bag. As someone who has been surrounded by addicts since birth, they don’t need you making excuses for them!

      Your logic basically is the same as telling a cancer patient to just lay there and eat junk food cuz their disease is hard… NO ONE would do that.

      Bradley Cooper is a notorious douche bag on set, applauding him for not drinking and blaming alcohol and addiction for his behavior is literally pathetic. He’s a grown man, I don’t care if he has no legs, not an excuse for being an asshole. This is what parents USED TO teach their kids, but that stopped and we have people like you now enabling every “poor” person so you can look understanding and accepting of other…

      You should try growing up before telling others, much more educated than you, to mature…

    • B Dub says:

      Dharmabum9287 Your comprehension skills are frighteningly lacking. In no fucking way did my comment imply that addicts are victims, weak, or suggest they should just continue using. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Recovery takes courage, an amount of self discovery and work that makes you have to truly want it. Sounds like you’re a bitter little boy who resents mommy’s dedication to helping others on some sep damaged level. God help people in need who encounter an asshole like you.

    • Dharmabum9287 says:

      B Dub sounds like you need a drink. Your anger is hilarious and your knowledge is… well you don’t seem to have any.

      No drug counselor is telling their clients “you’re so brave for just trying” they are saying “get to work and get your shit together. No excuses.” You’re 100000% wrong. What you just said gives every addict the excuse to relapse. Go become a LADC, this is addiction 101… INTRO to addiction.

      Good luck yelling at people who’ve worked in recovery! You clearly have NO IDEA what you’re talking about at all.

      Good luck being a total cunt too. You do that well!!!

    • Dharmabum9287 says:

      B Dub go tell an addict how brave they are and see how many of them give a shit about what you just said.

    • Super Mojo says:

      I’ve been withing for LIMITLESS2 for years, head better be humble!!!

  10. Swapnil Shinde says:

    Call Jon Batiste as your next guest. Let us know how your work relationship is on this show and outside of show as well

  11. mikealanzo says:

    If this guy stays on his path to becoming a great director, I believe we have our self’s a new Clint Eastwood!

  12. dayle Johnson says:

    Good interview like always.?

  13. Pam Hawley says:

    Love Bradley Cooper! Smart, funny, handsome and so talented.

  14. Fair Dinkum says:

    Educated, intelligent, handsome, talented, well spoken, respectful and humble at the same time?
    Why do we demonize Hollywood, again please?

    • Drake Pryce says:

      I think its the rape…could be wrong

    • Global Digital Direct Subsidiarity Democracy says:

      +AlfredEiji well the one who is considered widely the best screen actor of all time, Marlon Brando, agrees with me. He considered acting a boring bread job and an akward thing for an adult to do. He was cringed out by the fanatasism celebrity whorship that actors receive.

    • AlfredEiji says:

      Global Digital Direct Subsidiarity Democracy Well, that has nothing to do with competence or intelligence then. It’s a commentary on the culture around celebrity.

    • Global Digital Direct Subsidiarity Democracy says:

      +AlfredEiji no Brando thought that everybody can act just not in every role. The only requirement is being attention hungry.

    • Ryan T says:

      Global Digital Direct Subsidiarity Democracy Since when do you have to know physics to be considered “intelligent”? People are intelligent in different expertise & areas (arts, law, politics, math, business, finance, sales, literature, films, music, etc). Bradley is educated with a Bachelors & a Master’s Degree. Acting is very difficult and takes a lot of talents. You clearly have no knowledge in the craft of acting. Of course, everyone “can” physically do anything but what matters is whether or not they can do it right.

  15. Travis Cummings says:

    Damn, Bradley. Not bad for your directorial debut!

  16. Olumide Ayeni says:

    Omg! The band should have played a little longer.

  17. Warzed Arcanist says:

    Hangover, limitless, and now this, the dudes an amazing actor.

  18. Incorrigible Delinquent says:

    Lady Gaga’s acting career has already taken off to a height which Madonna couldn’t even reach by getting married to Sean Penn and/or Guy Ritchie.

    • mori1bund says:

      Ouch! ^^

    • Kristine Maitland says:

      Harsh. But to be fair Lady Gaga has training as an actor. More to the point, she is holds actors and musicians high esteem. And she is willing to do the extra work.

      Madonna is not an actor. And frankly, I think she was/is more interested in directing – think about it, directing is choreography, which Madonna understands but could not execute as yet.

  19. Ninja Channel says:

    This guy is also the voice of Rocket Raccoon. Yeesh

  20. Jen D says:

    Bradley and Stephen together man. I know both are individually thoughtful and intelligent – but together they really do shine. Stephen is such a good interviewer.

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