Leaving Things In Champagne For A Month

Leaving Things In Champagne For A Month

We left several things in champagne for a month to ring in the new year! What happens to a strawberry when it soaks in bubbly for that long? It’s time to find out!  GMM #1456

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55 Responses

  1. Delightful Reviews says:

    Video Idea: “What can we cook in a popcorn maker” experiment. Like this is you agree!:)

  2. Eric says:

    They gave Link a scalpel? Crew deciding to gamble in 2019 huh?

  3. kai russell says:

    Lol, that link’s joke about his dead career without Rhett, upset link!

    It hurt his fefes…


    If Rhett hosted gmm I wouldn’t tune in would be too boring. Link gives that WILD CARD vibe him feeding Rhett that strawberry is what I’m talking about.

    • BigpapaBroly z says:

      They need each other to make it work

    • KingJacks says:

      Techytech I’m pretty sure the narcissism Rhett does is mostly a joke. They’ve been best friends for forever so a little bit of ribbing is normal.

    • Connor Wyant says:

      Techytech it’s not narcissism. It’s his sense of humor.

    • t0astYshiNya says:

      +Techytech well the joke that was scripted wasn’t written by either of them.

    • Whitney. says:

      Link has no boundaries or self awareness, and it annoys me most of the time. He is flimsy with sharp objects and has never heard of personal space. Sometimes I stop watching a vid midway because of him.

  5. ahkaishecheyhi says:

    H O L D F I S T S U P

  6. Just Nobody says:

    Maybe try leaving things in gasoline or lighter fluid

  7. Morgan Shanks says:

    0:46 “We’ve done coke” -Rhett 2019

  8. Noreen Hussain says:

    Rhett:like link’s career without me.
    Me: he would still have a career as a murderer because of his obsession with knives.

  9. StrawberryPancakes says:

    That “Link’s career” joke tho, ouchXD

  10. Neto__503 says:

    “Turn white but stay solid”… “like Michael Jackson in the 80’s” ? best line

  11. real tots says:

    Dry aged means it’s left out in a temperature and humidity controlled environment uncovered, wet aged the meat is put in a cryovac bag and refrigerated as normal. It’s called “wet” because the juices of the meat is not allowed to evaporate, no liquid is added to the meat. Adding an acidic liquid is marinating, and a salt solution is brining. Neither have anything to do with aging.

  12. Keith McCarthy says:

    Do they say “Queen Sweep” instead of “Clean Sweep”

    • Christi Thornburg says:

      Yes, one episode Link accidentally said “I’m going for the queen sweep!” Instead of clean sweep and they’ve kept the joke going since then

    • TheAlexandra211 says:

      +Christi Thornburg It wasn’t link. It was Rhett who accidentally said “you got the queen sweep!” Very excitedly and the joke stuck since then

  13. The Horror Show says:

    I had to pause the video after Link’s SUPER satisfied “Heh” after making his glove fart. Rolling.

  14. Kelly Lorraine says:

    i gUEss thEy’Re *chAmpAgNe gLaSSeS* nOw

  15. Crystal Dino says:

    He protecc

    He attac

    Does rhett know the McRib is back?

  16. Christi Thornburg says:

    *You guys should try leaving things in pineapple juice for a month!!*

    “The fruit that eats you back”

    • Peter Schmidt says:

      Pineapple only “bites back” when it’s not fully ripe. Same with bananas.

    • Christi Thornburg says:

      +Peter Schmidt yes and no. The enzymes are stronger when they’re not ripe sure, but they’re still there when fully ripe.
      That’s why chefs often use pineapple juice as a meat tenderizer but if you leave it in there too long it basically makes the meat fall apart.

  17. Peter Trast says:

    “I only feed him the tips of the strawberries and then I eat these later.” “Holds fists up.” Dying…

  18. Donna October says:

    I would watch an hour long loop video of Link feeding Rhett strawberries.

  19. Full-Metal-Girl says:

    I’m lovin the new mugs.

  20. Jessica Ross says:

    First queen sweep, it is going to be a good year. I hope Link’s dart throw has the same luck.
    Something satisfying watching two BFFs feed each other strawberries??

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