Leaving Things In Mouthwash For A Month

Leaving Things In Mouthwash For A Month

What happens when you leave boar’s teeth (among other things) in mouthwash for a month?  GMM #1415

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55 Responses

  1. Sarah Jacobs says:

    You should name your weeks specials Good Mythical Memphis, also leave things in petrol for a month.

  2. Basement Bros. says:

    You should put things down a paper shredder!

    • Master Shadow says:

      +Jiwon Park Why the random “&”?

    • Gothika says:

      +Master Shadow im confused too

    • 》Tessa 《 says:

      Can’t imagine many things that would be both interesting &able to go through a paper shredder. What do you have in mind?

    • Master Shadow says:

      +》Tessa 《
      I’m not sure what kind of things he had in mind when he suggested it but I could definitely imagine at least a few things they could do with it. Cheese, fruit by the foot, toilet paper/paper towels, aluminum foil, cold cuts.. I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff they could think to put through it but it would be the kind of thing that I think they would have to come up with some kind of purpose or goal, like making some kind of game out of it or something. That would be the hard part I think.. because otherwise it’s not a process that they would be very involved with lol

    • Grand Moff Tarkin says:

      Basement Bros. Yes great idea there

  3. laughing lemons says:

    How bout leaving things in coffee for a month? Or tea? Or sea water? Or honey? Or soup? Or juice? Or soap water? Or wine?

  4. Radderss says:

    As someone who’s done a lot of charity work for St Jude, and has also been invited to the hospital to visit the kids, you will LOVE your time there. The hospital, the kids, the staff are all SO inspiring. Thank you for helping them this holiday season. They deserve it so much. You’re a wonderful team.

  5. J2K1 says:

    the video length is “1234”


  6. Fact Universe says:

    Monthly Budget
    … $10,000
    … $400
    Links Glasses – $1,000

  7. drea hunn says:

    20 minutes ago the donations were at 10k now it’s over 11k good job mythical beasts!!

  8. arremangamel picoapeos says:

    Mad props for Link eating the tomato. Of course he spat it out as soon as the camera stopped rolling, but anyways. Respect.

  9. • _.Im_A_Potato._ • says:

    Leave things in Lemon Juice because of the citrus.

  10. Corinn Haag says:

    You should leave things in rubbing alcohol for a month

  11. commondreads_ says:

    Leave stuff in Mythical No9, available at Mythical.store, for a month.

  12. Brock Olsen says:

    What is with the mythical crew’s obsession with blood?

  13. CedrikAberle says:

    “For a month we’ve done Coke…” – Rhett 2k18

  14. Mynt says:

    I’m assuming GMM has a department or employee and their job is based around, “If you eat that it might kill you so don’t.”

    If not, please hire someone to protect Link.

  15. Jay C says:

    Leave things in mythical no9 for a month.

  16. Can I get 100,000 subscribe without posting a Video says:

    Next can u leave things in vinegar for a mouth

  17. Ethan Teague says:

    Can we please have a “Rhett and Link Being Scientists for 6 minutes straight” compilation?

  18. CarlLerntDeutsch says:

    No matter which liquid you use for next month’s show, make sure one of the items left in the liquid is an
    Elf on the Shelf.

  19. Taikamuna says:

    I thought that was a fortnite shield

  20. upsidedown_loser 999 says:

    today is my birthday, Nov 5, and for a present, i want at least 11 likes, to day im turning 11, i can make more, but plz at least 11 likes and i will be thanked. <3

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