Leaving Things In Pool Water For 2 Months

Leaving Things In Pool Water For 2 Months

If you leave a Baby Ruth in pool water for 2 months, will it melt into goop or break off into chunks? Let’s find out!  GMM #1365

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70 Responses

  1. Melanie Flowers says:

    I could listen to Link play the harmonica all day!

  2. Destiny X Crew says:

    Dang, Rhett took off that lid sooo smoothly at 13:11 😱

  3. Anastasia Purves says:

    Uhm.. Are we not talking about how BOMB Link is on the harmonica!?!

  4. Joshua SeverinoSanchez says:

    Any type of water does that to our fingers Rhett. It’s an evolutionary feature to help us grip underwater.

    • Blueberryymuffin says:

      MajorKing90 oh no you’re fine. I was just worried I was coming across as jerk and I didn’t want to force my beliefs on anyone, or hurt anyone’s feelings.

    • Natasha G says:

      Joshua SeverinoSanchez that or the fact osmosis moves water from an area of low to high concentration which in turn causes the finger to shrivel as the water goes through the skin membrane into the larger outside mass of water I think I mean it also enhances grip too

    • MajorKing90 says:

      This has been disproven by the fact that shriveling does not occure when the affected extrmeties have suffered nerve damage. Osmosis should happen even if there are damaged synapses , but it does not in the presented case.

    • Power Burrito98 says:

      I like trains 🚂

    • Author says:

      False your hands scribble up under water because of your blood vessels shrinking

  5. dawn fox says:

    Next leave things in coffee

  6. Rachel Ardito says:

    Any other science majors that really want a GMM lab coat !? 😮🙊🙋‍♀️

  7. Flamebot says:

    Try leaving things in hot sauce

  8. sweetNlow says:

    We’ve done coke, Bleach, salt…. Sounds like one hell of a summer 😂

  9. Uncl3funcl3 says:

    I thought link was wearing a red hot chilie peppers shirt

  10. Clinton Oshipitan says:

    Did anyone else see poo water in the title because the thumbnail showed a candy bar which looked like a turd?

  11. Gabriella Louise says:

    I’m on the swim team and spend 3-6 hours daily in the pool the chlorine kills your hair and skin and lungs.

  12. GhettoTownPhatBoy says:

    “We’ve done coke” – Link 2018

  13. Mason Bentley says:

    Watch that baseball card be worth millions in a few years time

  14. Agent Fungus says:

    “…shortest swim trunks and longest pool noodle…” Hmmmmmm…could have…consequences.

  15. Mel Holiday says:

    I expect your next book to be “The Speedo That Lost It’s Color.”

  16. Alexis Auger says:

    0:59 “We’ve done coke” and then Rhett gives him the “Don’t tell people about our college days man”

  17. Jayfeather says:

    What happens when you leave a dismembered corpse in pool water for a month? Asking for a friend.

    • Ivy Silver says:

      Jayfeather it preserves it better than breaking it apart. Don’t put your bodies in the pool unless it’s an emergency hiding situation. Try using a blender, then putting it in a pot to potty. It’s time consuming but it works

    • Jayfeather says:


  18. Galaxygirl 2006 says:

    Hello ive been watching u for years I’m 11 and have been watching from about 5 i love this channel u guys are hilarious too I hope this year is great I’m so excited for upcoming episodes hope u see this bye 😁

  19. jackie says:

    The white on the chocolate bar is called “bloom” and it occurs when a chocolate is slightly heated and cooled several times. It can happen if you leave the chocolate in a warm drawer or something. It’s still completely safe to eat… as long as you don’t stick it in some pool water for 2 months :p

  20. Fupa Prince says:

    Water makes your finger tips wrinkly because our fingers learned to adapt under water after years of evolution so we can grip things better

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