LeBron abruptly leaves media availability after simple message regarding Dillon Brooks 👀

LeBron abruptly leaves media availability after simple message regarding Dillon Brooks 👀

LeBron James cuts off his session with the media after saying he’s “not here” for outside noise when asked about comments made by Memphis Grizzlies’ Dillon Brooks.

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54 Responses

  1. gameplayer1980 says:

    He’s mature so he doesn’t lash out in public but you can tell dude is seething at the disrespect.

  2. Tyler Brabham says:

    I love how Lebron is just like “I’m not here to give you your quote or headline. Im here to bury this dude.”

  3. JJordan says:

    I’m hoping Bron starts the game off aggressive. Last game he was way to passive from the start.

    • Leonard Cann says:

      @Justin Davis he had the worst plus/minus on the entire team. -17
      People get caught up on his offense numbers but he’s killing us on defense…it’s been going on before he even came to The Lakers.

    • Bobby Tasir says:

      And I hope queen b lose again and they couldn’t beat a team without their 3 best players

    • takerfan4ever says:

      ​@Justin Davis I’d argue that AD couldn’t help bc he was getting smothered. If lbj wasn’t chucking threes and getting in the post, he couldn’t taken some attention away from AD so AD could score easily.

    • Asimba Humber says:

      @AnimePunz yeah he was the main factor that was folding on a lot truth he was and Dlo I ain’t going lie I expected more from dlo cause u normally make them shots

    • Asimba Humber says:

      @Justin Davis exactly

  4. Aaron Rhodes says:

    LeBron is just
    “How many times I gotta talk to these mfers during my career”

    • Blessed Above All People says:


    • Francisco Platon says:

      Ah ​@Penny773

    • King Austin says:

      @K Dubb it’s not weak at all and LeBron James always talks to the Media and he doesn’t do weak stuff so if he does something so called “weak” then that would be new for him. Also all a player has to do is sit up there and say “I am here so I won’t get fined” and that would be it and the athlete would not get fined because he is obligated to sit up there he is not obligated to speak if the athlete doesn’t want to speak

    • K Dubb says:

      Part of your job as a pro athlete is to talk to the media. It’s literally written into their contracts. That’s why they get fined when they don’t do them. That was weak, which is nothing new for him.

    • Smooth Operator says:

      …..about a nobody with 0 rings,0 all star games, and just a plain zero, trying to get some attention.

  5. michael says:

    20 years, 8 straight finals. Hes literally seen it all. And Brooks hasnt even blown in his ear yet 🤣

  6. Kritikal317 says:

    God bless you Dillon Brooks. Yall probably would have beaten them if you hadn’t said that.

    • Dizzies says:

      @Non Existent u are NOT a laker fan

    • Young says:

      ​@Carter Memphis record without Ja is good for #1 in the west. All they are missing is depth really which doesn’t matter all that much in the playoffs.

    • Edai EasyHussle says:

      @Non Existent they can have that, he’s a different type of ball player, with the most point, top10 assists and blocks too right!? Most clutch points ever too 🥶

      Now imagine if had that “killer mentally”, (which is being focused on scoring really) what do you think he would have accomplished? Probably 50k to 70k pts already 😂
      He really is the chosen one 🤴🏾

    • Carter says:

      @Jazz  easiest schedule in the league after the trade deadline and no back to backs. Smells like a false narrative to me. Just like the “#1 defense in the league” which actually dropped to #4 before the end of the season and is highly inflated by 13 of their last 26 games being played against lottery teams. Tell me you don’t form your own opinions without telling me you don’t form your own opinions 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Non Existent says:

      @Jazz nah. He not like that but am up for a surprise. Will come back to this comment after the game

  7. TechyCatz says:

    Dillon: You old
    Lebron: I see you have chosen death

  8. D C says:

    This is when you don’t want to face him in a game 💀

  9. reefuno1 says:

    He’s gonna bury Memphis all because Dillion poked the bear 😂😂😂 King James 👑

  10. Derrick says:

    “Had to give you a career to destroy it”

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